Fishing Adventure

Developer: MasterCode
Publisher: Ultimate Games
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 21/02/2020
Price: £8.09/$9.99
Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

[ Introduction ]

Fishing Adventures is fishing simulator that recently become available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.  The eShop is home to few good simulation games but is fishing adventure one of them… lets find out.

fishing adventure beach

[ Gameplay ]


When you first boot up fishing Adventure you begin your fishing career in one of 7 locates set around the world.  Each area can be unlocked by completing quests which will unlock a permit licence and give you the ability to fish there.  The first location is Poland but as you earn new licences you able to fish in other countries like USA, Canada, France, Norway, Germany and even Haiti.

Each location is varied, has its own fishing spots and points of interest.  Giving you a relaxing area to fish in with no distractions.

Apart from walking around you can also use boats that allow you venture out on the water for better spots that were unreachable on land.  You can either pay a onetime fee or lifetime fee for unfettered access. Most of your earnings come from fish that you can catch and sell once you’ve pulled the line in. This also allows you buy new equipment like rods, bait which will allow you to catch different species’ of fish.

As you can imagine, Fishing Adventure holds true to its simulation roots…  your main goal is to complete quests, earn cash so you can buy new equipment and unlock new locations to find rarer fish. You can also free-play and fish without doing quests to.

Controls/Pro Controller/ Joy-Cons

You can use either control scheme in Fishing Adventure. I opted for pro controller support and for the most part it works well. You can move around with left analog stick and look around with right stick. Walk up to anybody of water and press and hold the ZR trigger to launch the line further.  Then slowly press the ZL trigger to wind your line back in… Only stopping for a brief moment to see if your floater bobs up or down. Which is indicated by a marker on top of screen… if it does the HD Rumble with shake indicating you have caught a fish at which point once the floater gets dragged under the water line you must press the ZR trigger to yank the line back. And press the ZL trigger to reel in the fish. It works and you can even change the position of the rod with left analog stick for more control over the situation.

Now the game also supports the joy-cons, motion controls however it’s unfortunate that my joys-cons at the moment are in repair… So I cannot test this feature out.  But seems to work similarly to a pro controller. But this time you can cast a line with the right joy-con in a throwing motion, strike with same motion to hook a fish which is nice feature. You access the shop when you’re away from the water with a press of the X button. Here you view your inventory, equipment and new items like bait, rods, floats, lures, lines, hooks, reels. Once you’ve purchased them, that is. The Shop can be accessed in your inventory and there a lot of different equipment to buy.  However, be aware that each piece of equipment has a certain level attached to it, you must be that level to purchase, equip it.

The fish

You want fish… we’ve got fish… All your favourite fish are present such as sassy Crucian Carp to the fabulous rainbow trout.  Each location has their own selection of fish to catch and sometime even the weather can affect what fishes appear. Once you’ve caught a fish, you can either cash them in or set them free and earn some EXP to level yourself up… it is your choice. Remember, different fish required different types of bait,  lures when trying to catch them during quests.  So always make sure you have the right equipment during these times.  You can view all your catches in your profile screen which can be accessed by pressing the ‘–’ button.

fishing adventure reeling in

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

Fishing Adventure graphics look quite nice at times and quite dated other times. Water effects are nicely done, some key points of interest like the picturesque scenery or castle in the background makes each location unique. However, the vegetation in area all looks pretty flat, rotates when move around them… it is not best looking game/simulator but it serves its purpose.  


My biggest issue with fishing adventure is id unlocked a few new locations and had levelled up my character quite abit. Only to return to the game and find all my progress had gone?  No idea what happened… but its practically put me back at very beginning again…with all my bought equipment gone…And all the quests id completed now completely undone… It was so frustrating, made me feel like id completely wasted my time.

fishing adventure capture

[ Sound ]

On the sound front it is all a bit empty for me… apart from noises of you reeling in a line or the splashes of water, there is not a lot of other sounds present… At one point I thought my TV speakers were broken as the game is so quiet…

fishing adventure dock

[ Conclusion ]

Fishing adventure is a decent simulation and there’s a lot to buy e.g. equipment and locations to visit. Plus, there are over 30 quests to complete.  The fishing is quite relaxing, can be quite addictive.  However, the strange bug that I encounter has got rid of my data and it has really frustrated me…  its decent fishing sim… but it’s not a perfect one.
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