Developer: 8BitSkill
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 12/07/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Now and then for my sanity with doing reviews I have found over the past couple of years that I have to take a gamble on a review. Some do not play off while others are a surprise. Fates of Ort is the latest gamble the big question is was it a good one? Let’s find out.
You play as a newly inducted mage in a world where Magic has a cost. For every spell cast, a little of your life will be taken to cast. This is to stop anyone game get to powerful, and it keeps the natural order of the world. However, a mage has used Consumption Magic. This enables them to use the world it’s self in order to cast magic, allowing him to get super powerful. By doing this, he is destroying the world, and it is falling apart and you must stop it from happening.

Stroy is fantastic, and it well written from normal NPC interactions to the magical daughters you will need to work with. I was invested in the world from the start. Choices matter also depending what you do in a run it might or will affect the world in some manner.
Fates of Ort mixes the exploration of fantasy RPGs and mix in a good helping of strategy based combat into something that is just glorious to play (spoiler it was a great gamble).

Fates of Ort gameplay

The two main gameplay mechanics come in to form of time only moves when the character moves and a rogue-lite element as you will die and have to restart. With both mechanics woven expertly in to the story it’s self. 

Time will only progress as the player performers an action, so walking about the world will intern allow anything else on the map to move. As soon as you stop, so does the world. This plays directly in to the battle system, allowing for tactical spell casting, movement and forward planning. While in battle you stop and look at what is happening on screen and act accordingly. It takes a bit of getting used to at the start but after a few battles it feels totally natural and works amazingly well.

The rouge-lite element in Fates of Ort is integral to the gameplay and progression of your character. Magic cost HP and when HP is zero you die. The more you use a single spell the more it will cost HP wise, this is again to make sure no one person can become super powerful. Magic can be combined with one of three unique elements (eventually) that will change how the base spell will be cast. This will become vital also as monsters are stronger or weaker against an element. If HP is low, you can also use melee weapons and conserve the vital HP you have left. However, when you die, you will restart at the magic school with the world reset but with new magic and better items (hopefully) allowing for a longer run more exploration. 

Fates of Ort has quests galore too many to shake a magic wand at. But I feel that the Developer wanted the player to explore and find all the strange hidden things within in the world. As there is a tonne of things that happen off the beaten track I recommend you go out and explore. Also, if you go off exploring, then you get a chance to fight the last boss early on in your exploration…. if you think you are hard enough. There are also a load of biomes that you can explore in a massive open world. With quest, you will need to make some hard choices on who to save that will affect the game.

Fates of Ort is a true hidden gem on the Switch. There needs to be more people playing and looking at this truly amazing RPG. There is so much to do, it will keep you going for a hell of a long time. It is hard to put in words how good this game is.

It may not be for everyone but if you like RPGs must play Fates of Ort. 


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