Developer: Hammer Labs
Publisher: Secret Item Games
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 24/06/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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What do you get when you mix farming, restaurant management and the zombie apocalypse? ‘Farm For Your Life’ of course. Yes, this is a mix of these three different genres mixed in to a fairly relaxed gameplay loop.

You are on your farm getting to know how to care for the land,  (this serves ans a tutorial also). You learn to till plant and water crops and use the shop. Then a storm hits, once the storm is away your farm and the town has been destroyed, except your house and the church building. Here we are taught how to destroy rocks and tree stumps for their materials and are tasked in replanting the farm.

Now, as we all know, after a devastating natural disaster, humans will become like feral beasts and steal from everyone. This happens when the crops are grown and you are away from the farm. This leads in to learning how to build and defend from attackers be throwing food at them…. Oxymoronic I know. Once this is over you go to bed and a zombie walks in to town, when you wake up there are only a couple of survivors left. Now it is up to you to rebuild the town, save the town and feed folks. No pressure.

The story is basically this, and we are left to do what you want, how you want.

Farm for your life gameplay

Starting the game you are taken to a fairly basic character customisation screen that can be accessed by entering your house. Once done, the tutorial/story gives the player every tool they will need to play the game. Then you are left to your own devices mainly. I must stress that stress is not the name of the game regardless of the name, it is very relaxed and slow paced.
There will be a fellow survivor that will dish out story missions, these will unlock new items to build, more crops to grow and dishes to cook. If you want to make items, then you talk to the survivor and as long as you have the right materials you will get the item. These range from a wooden gate to a corn auto-turret. 

Cooking – From Left Field

Farm For Your Life throws a bit of a curve ball at you with cooking and what you do. Once you get a recipe, you will need to learn how to cook the food. Here the game changes in to Fruit Ninja but with a twist. You have to cut the right ingredient, however; it needs to land in the pot or it will not count towards making it. Once you fill the pot with the right ingredients, you will get a star rating. They base this on time. The better the time, the better the quality, the more you can trade for it.

The whole restaurant aspect is will poorly explained over all, as to serve folks that will randomly appear at this village you will need to; trade for the items you want for the food they request (if you know the recipe), pick up the ingredient(s) let it cook, serve it on a plate that you need to have. Once the person finished, go get the plate and wash it. I had to figure this out the hard way. Farm For Your Life will however, give you a helper that can be assigned to do jobs. For example, help on the farm, this will see them water, fertilize, pick crops and deposit them. As long as you make them one meal a day (good trade really).

Here come the Zombies.

Every few nights Zombies will attack the town and it is up to you to protect it. Building fences, auto firing turrets and good old throwing food at them is how to do this. I loved this part; it mixed up the whole farming sim with a bit of undead terror; I use terror lightly. Also, if you venture in to the woods for more wood or stone, there will be zombies waiting to eat your brains. If they touch you, then you lose around half the items you are carrying. The only light you have it a firefly that buzzes around your head in slightly different angles you can not always see what is near to you, and this will lead to zombies getting you.

Farm For Your Life has a few issues, bar the not explaining the restaurant clearly, I found planting a little janky. With some action being in front of the character and other being where the character was. The other problem I had was with where I was facing my character. The inputs seemed a little fiddly and had a mind of their own.

Overall, I enjoyed Farm For Your Life; it is a delightful mix for the regular farming sim. Yes, there are a few problems, nothing a patch or two won’t sort out. 

If you are looking for a farming game a little different but not stressful then Farm For Your Life could be for you.


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