Developer: YummyYummyTummy
PublisherNIS America
Platforms: PS4, Switch
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 16/02/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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The second game in the Fallen Legion franchise. The first game was a game that tried to be different, it succeeded but the combat was a little all over the place and needed to be refined. Let’s see if Fallen Legion Revenants can do this.

Fallen Legion Revenants’ story is of two protagonist Lucien, a smooth talking politician who is in a floating castle above the lands below. And a ghost with unfinished bussiness Rowena, who along with her Revenants fight in the lands below. Together they are trying to overthrow the evil Ivor.

The story is fantastic and engaging, but the pacing is well very slow a lot happens just unfortunate that it takes so long to do it.


The gameplay has two distinctive play styles that revolve round the two main characters Lucien and Rowena.


Lucien’s gameplay more free roaming and story progression. Lucien will walk around the castle talking to the various NPCs (however, there is little dialog given to these NPCs so don’t waste too much time talking then).

The most interesting aspect of Lucien is, through a fight section with Rowena, you will need Lucien’s help to pick the right path to follow, for example. Here the game will have you play as Lucien in a timed investigation where you must talk to the NPCs and coax out the information needed before the time runs out. And tell Rowena the direction of information she needs.


This is where the meat of the gameplay will take place. Rowena has control over Exemplars. Exemplars are; fallen heros that Rowena can control to fight for her. The party can up to three fighters these are all assigned a button (O, X, Square), that will make them attack, Exemplars also have special moves as long as they have enough power to do so. Battles take place on a linear grid of three spaces. The party can move back and forward and backwards at anytime.

Rowena can also attack by spells that can knock enemies forward or backwards and cast a healing spell. Rowena can only cast spells as long as she has spell points these build up over time of the fight.

Fallen Legion Revenants has put an emphasis on blocking and bouncing back attacks to the enemy. Some enemies have shields that need to be broken, and the best way is to block the attack back.

I have to admit there has been a ton of improvements from the first outing with the battle system it feels deeper and more involved. But because of the pacing of the story that is very well slow, it feels as if most fights are there just to bulk out the game’s length and they get boring quickly.


Fallen Legion Revenant is much better than Fallen Legion. YummyYummyTummy need to get the pacing right with the story and they will have something very special on their hands. I hope we get a 3rd instalment and we get the last of the problems ironed out.

I would wait for a sale as Fallen Legion Revenants will not be for everyone, so I would recommend waiting on a sale.


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