Developer: Chaosmonger Studio
PublisherAssemble Entertainment
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 05/11/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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ENCODYA is set in Neo Berlin 2062. And follows a nine-year-old Tina and her robot SAM-53. Being an orphan, Tina and SAM-53 have made their home on the rooftops of Neo-Berlin. The pair have not had it easy. They just about get by in this dystopian world, that’s run by mega corporations.

On a day like any other Tina comes across a message left by her father; to finish his plan to save the world. This sends Tina and SAM053 on an adventure spanning different realities, solving puzzles and not to mention talking to everyone and picking up everything you can.

The story is good; it tries to keep the comedy of Monkey Island while adding in an emotional connection between the pair. For the most part, this works, but some of the dialog is well; bad.



ENCODYA sticks to the point-and-click roots with picking up everything, even if you don’t need it and talk to anything and anyone you can to get hints and more about the story. This felt very nostalgic. But with the nostalgia comes the overly irritating only one solution to every puzzle method of solving.

This is annoying, as if you miss out a step in the set method of solving a puzzle, there is potential to be stuck at this puzzle for a while and be slightly stressed out. Then you realise that you have missed combing an item, you will kick yourself (I did not do this… Honest!). Also, depending on the puzzle or the interactions that are needed, are also character specific. So it is possible to swap between Tina and SAM-53.

As ENCODYA was a PC game, the porting over control wise was a bit hit and miss. They have changed the usual point and click for a left stick movement. This worked well. The bit that did not work was interacting with objects. As with no pointer, Tina or SAM-53 would need to be in the right place to interact with it. This got annoying quickly.

Overall ENCODYA captures the feeling of the old point-and-click gameplay, while looking good. The voice acting is decent, and it looks nice. With some funny line and some that are just bad. The mood is conveyed without being too heavy.

This is going to be for a select group who like puzzles and dialog. As there are tones of them here. For the most part I had fun, just some small annoyances.


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