Developer: Softstar Entertainment
Publisher: eastasiasoft
Platforms: Ps4, Switch, Xbox One, PC, Mobile
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 24/06/2021
Price£17.99 £16.19/$19.99 $17.99
*On sale until 14/07/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Empire of Angels IV is a turn-based RPG with cute anime girls. What more could you want? Oh yeah…. A decent game too? Fear not Empire of Angels IV has you covered. 

Our story starts with the Namtar Investigation Team. The team patrol the Kingdom of Asgard to maintain order and keep the plague under control. Thos strange plague turns the people of Asgard in to aggressive zombies that will attack anyone. While the team were on patrol. They witnessed a blue orb fall from the sky. This orb changes in to a mage with the power to cute the plague. 
The world the team thought they understood is not all that it seems it is up to the Investigation team to traverse the Kingdom and find the truth. 

The story is over the top weird, strange and captivating. With a weird and wonderful cast of weird and wonderful anime women, who lose their clothes a lot, during battle. 


As I stated earlier, Empire of Angels IV is a turn-based RPG where your team of warriors will perform their actions first followed by the enemy. Once one side is wiped out, the battle os over. For each battle there are extra goals to achieve, for instance, finish fight in 8 moves. 

Once your team has won you are rewarded with money, exp. and merits. Money is used to improve abilities, exp. Levels up your warrior’s and merits are used to change job classes once enough merits have been rewarded. Job changes come in three over arching forms. Ranged, Melee and Magic. In each of these classes are subclasses for instance, in melee you could have a spear class at level one. When level two is unlocked, the spear class could end up on a horse. Each role will bring new abilities and statistics with them, allowing the player to customise their teams to better suit their play style. 

As you progress through the story, you will open up more nodes that can be revisited at anytime to grind out levels. Along the way Empire of Angels IV actively encouraged to grind out levels as some nodes. Some nodes will have a level on then, ie 7-10. Normally I would just push through with minimal grinding where possible in games. Here if you do not grind out levels, you will be ice skating up hill, Empire of Angels IV gets fairly hard if you are under leveled. I recommend a grind.

Overall Empire of Angels IV is a good turned based RPG, that’s good a fairly decent story and is easy to get in to. Even if the game looks simple, it has a good level of customisation that you need to take advantage of.

I would recommend Empire of Angels IV if you like turn based RPG and cute Anime girls. 


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