Developer: Sylwester Osik
PublisherUltimate Games
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 27/11/2020
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Electro Ride: The Neon Racing is an out-and-out racing game, where you win races get better cars to be the best in the neon draped Eastern Bloc (former Communist states of Eastern and Central Europe) 

I will not lie here I am no fan of racing games and Electro Ride will not be changing that fact soon.


I will start with the god then move to the bad. Graphically Electro Ride looks stunning with some outstanding art work. Even with some rough textures here and there, with classic Eastern Bloc cars now given a nice 80s neon shine. With a fantastic 80s synth sound track.

From here on out things go a little downhill, unfortunately. Electro Ride has the rubber band AI that is a pain in the arse. If you do not know rubber band in racing games are if you are out in front the following cars will wait behind you to make a mistake and overtake you. After overtaking they are easy to catch up with again. However, here the AI decides that on the way to the end they will band past you and you will end up second place. Again, normally not a problem here, however, there are two minor problems that make a big one. To progress you have to finish first and the races are long over five mins for every course. These two on their own are fine but when they combine it’s a headache.

The other problem that adds to the first one is I felt like I was driving on Ice. The cars are super sensitive and it only takes a few millimeters on the stick to send the car smashing in to a barrier. Especially in the earlier races the cars are hell to drive. I know you meant to work your way up to get better cars but damn it’s overly difficult and only gets slightly better with better cars. There are also boots on the road that will send the ice sliding car forward and far faster speeds than anything on ice should. The boost will only work if the car and the boost marking are the same if they are not the car will change to the colour it went over. The boosts are only really good if you are lagging as they are more a risk than anything else. If I was winning, I made sure not to boost.

Overall, Electro Ride has a good look and sound but the gameplay its self lets the game down so so much. It was a good idea that didn’t pan out well. I should try more racing game but Electro ride has put me off for a while.

I cannot recommend this game.


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