Developer: Rabbit & Bear Studio
Publisher505 Games
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox serise X, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 10/05/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is the prequel to the upcoming Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heros. Hundred Heros is a successful Kickstarter campaign (That I backed) that raised over 2 million pounds. So the developers Rabbit and Bear games made Rising. But is it any good?

In Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, you take on the role of CJ and young Scavenger, who have traveled to New Neveah to become a treasure hunter. CJ is from a clan of Scavengers and she wants to outdo her father by finding a bigger lense than him.

Things are not as simple as traveling down to the Runebarrows and start treasure hunting. The acting “rapacious” Major Isha finds out that she will need a licence to enter the Barrows, that cost more than most can afford as well as a 30% tax on all finds. If you cannot afford a licence, it is possible to earn one by doing tasks for the locals and collecting stamps. That have been given ordered to use and abuse the Adventures.

The story in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is good. Each of the characters you meet and interact with are well written and entertaining. The story unfolds at a good pace, with no chapter felling dragged out or too short.

Eiyuden Chronicle Rising game

Let’s Go Tresure Hunting!!

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a side scrolling ARPG at its core, with simple to pick up and play controls that feel smooth and responsive.
The controls comprise left and right movement, jump, special move and attacks by one of the eventual three party members. CJ wields two ice axes that are capable of fast combo hits, and her special move is a dash dodge. to attack with her it is just press Y repeatedly. Garru who is a kangaroo, attacks with X. It is also possible to do combo attacks where you change the attacking character just as you landed an attack for big damage.

Each of the areas that CJ will explore, have her killing loads of monsters, and collecting many materials on her travels. As expected, she will progress through the dungeon until she fights the boss at the end of each dungeon. Netting her loads of EXP and rare materials. 

Each of the part members level up once the level cap has been reached improving stats, such as health, defences, attacks. I found leveling up was really easy. Between the enemies killed and completing jobs for the locals, I was flying up levels. I was quickly overpowered. 

This is not really a problem, but it took some of the challenge out of the fights. As if you are like me, doing the side quests are just as important as the main missions. In Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising side quests are as simple as collecting X amount of materials and handing them in. After a few runs of a dungeon that you will do in the main missions, CJ will have more than enough materials for most jobs.

Materials… Not Treasure

When CJ arrives at New Neveah, she finds the town in ruin, as the earthquake that allowed entrance to the burrows also destroyed the town. As you can guess, most of the jobs are rebuilding the town, mainly the shop. So better gear can be bought or buffs received and so on.

Using materials does not stop there. Every item will need a set amount of materials to acquire, initially. After that, they will cost a fee. While upgrading gear and weapons will cost materials and a fee. This system encourages the player to collect materials to grow stronger and to re-build the town. 

Buffs and Items

In the town of New Neveah, it is possible to get buffs that last until your party goes to sleep. Making them overpowered. These buffs include increased stats, EXP gains, Item Drop rate and quality of drops. We can activate only one party based buff from the inn at a time. However, the tavern sells meals that will heal a party member and give them a buff also heal them. Making buffs worth paying for.

Items that a kept in your pouch are the usual fantasy RPG affair. Like most RPGs are one use consumables. That are useful in a pinch.

Overall, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising does pretty much everything right. I couldn’t put it down. From gameplay to story, in the ARPG. That for the price in outstanding in quality and content. It is also a good introduction in to the world of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heros.

I will say Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a must play.


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