Developer: Midgar Studio
Publisher: Dear Villagers
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch Xbox One, Xbox One X, PC
Reviewed On: PS4
Release Date: 10/02/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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If there is one thing I love, then it is a good JRPG, so seeing Edge of Eternity being developed by Midgar Studio, a small indie development team, I got excited. It looks stunning, and seemed to tick the right boxes. But is it worth your time or is this one better being lost to eternity?

At the beginning of Edge of Eternity, you witness a war raging on the planet of Heryon between the natives and an alien race. After his squad is wiped out and they almost killed him, Daryon decided to go home to his sister and leaves the army.

He has traveled home because of his mother being ill. She has contracted a sickness called the corrosion that is always fatal. His sister, who is a priestess, believe she knows how to cure the corrosion. So the pair set off to find the cure.

Edge of Eternity’s story starts off strong and gives a few reasons for Daryon and his sister set off to save their mother. But after this start, the story fizzles out, then gets a breath of life to fizzle again. You are left with more questions than answers. 

Edge of Eternity game


Edge of Eternity is at its core a love letter to Final Fantasy, in case the studio name was not enough of a giveaway. It has the black spikey hair dude, with a hero complex. Loads of cool battles and a game world that reminds me of Final Fantasy XV and Xenoblades Chronicles combined.

As you travel around this beautifully crafted world, you will notice a few things. There are LOADS of treasure chests to find and open. Most of the rewards are fairly standard, but now and then you will come across a powerful weapon. You will find plenty of material spawn points that are all sparkly. And of course monsters.

Monsters will wander around either on their own or in packs. They do not interact with anything else. This, for me, is not a problem. It reminds me of the older JRPGs I used to play. 

As you re traveling, there are NPCs to talk to, side missions to take on, and hunts. These activities will keep you entertained for ages. Most of the side quests are simple collect X or kill X. 


In Edge of Eternity, you will spend a lot of time fighting monsters. It is a good thing that the battle system if pretty decent. The battle system is a mix of normal turn based battles and a simple grid based positioning. 

We used the grid positioning for two reasons, moving closer to enemies and moving away from attacks. It is a simple system to get to grips with. If an enemy is too far away to attack, you can move closer to them or around them. Also, so enemies have AOE attacks that will damage and one in the highlighted areas, so it helps to negate these attacks.

The battle system has a really cool feeling of tactics and turn-based combat that really works well for this type of game.

Leveling Up

Leveling up is done by both character and weapon. Both leveling up as you gain exp, however, weapons have a slightly different system to max them out. This involves equipping crystals that boost our characters’ stats or added new attacks. 

Where it comes to, the character crystals are still a necessity to power them up. When equipping crystals, you will need to make a choice on how you would like to approach it. You have three distinct paths that change how the character will play. One path increases physical attack, defence and magic stats. 

Picking one of these paths will close off the other two. These choices are not permanent and you can change from one to another path. These paths can be used to your advantage.

There is one thing I MUST to say, the mounts are so cute. They are giant two tailed cats. They just look so cute and cuddly.

A Few Issues

The character modes and their animations look a bit off. They do not look in proportion more so with Daryon. There is also a wee lip sync problem. I played Edge of Eternity on the PS4 Pro and there were a lot of assets on the map popping in and out of the world. The where overly distracting. I also noticed so glitches regarding text.

These are all fixable and with Midgar Studios being a small team, I can hold it against them too much. 

Overall, Edge of Eternity is a fun JRPG, made by a team that loves these styles of games. There is enough in there to keep you entertained. It is an impressive attempt at a large scale game from a small team. For what it is and how much the team achieves, it is impressive.

I would, however, wait to see if any of the problems get fixed before rushing in or at least a sale. But make sure you keep Edge of Eternity on your radar.


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