Developer: Techland
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 22/10/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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In Dying Light Platinum Edition, you take on the role of the GRE Agen Kyle Craine. Who has gone undercover in Harran to retrieve a top level security file from Kadir Suleiman. As soon as Craine airdrops, everything goes wrong. He is met by what appears to be zombies (or, as the game calls them, the ‘Infected’) and is bitten.

Craine is saved by Zade Aldemir, who takes him to the Tower, a sanctuary for survivors in Harran. Rahim, Jades younger brother, teaches Craine to Parkour (He is ‘surprisingly’ good at it), and put him to work as a ‘Runner.’ Runners collect supply drops and medicines for the Tower during the day. As night time is a suicide run. Unable to blow his cover, Craine has been ordered to comply with helping the tower to get to Suleiman. 

Craine gets tasked to in reaching an airdrop that the GRE dropped in before Rais. Rais is a warlord that loots GRE drops that include supplies, medicines and Antizin, that the Tower is in dire need. Anitizin slows down the infection rate as well as suppresses the symptoms. However, the GRE tells him to destroy the air drop to and deal with Rias directly. He also has to lie to the Tower and say it was already looted. This not sitting well with Craine cuts ties with the GRE and goes it alone.

The story is well written, interesting, and morally ambiguous. It will put you in places that will make you think ‘Oh, Ok…’ It will keep you engaged with plenty going on.


Parkour Dream Land

Dying Light is a first person parkour RPG. It feels and plays amazingly on the Switch. With Craine having no problems leaping from one building to the next. All the while gaining experience to get even more moves to help move about the crowded streets of Hussan. I got to be honest, the freedom of movement is easily one of the best in video games. Moves are easy to pull off and string together to make even Spider-Man feel giddy.

Mainly Melee and Some Skills

The combat is more focused on melee than guns. The guns are great to play with, but come with a small drawback. Once discharged, Infected will flock to you, making things get a little crazy. So use wisely.

So this leaves melee weapons, and there are a fair few. With different levels, can be upgraded to add elemental damage or increase different weapon stats. However, each weapon has its own durability, so the more it is used, the quicker it will break. Luckily for us, Craine can fix almost anything. He can also have multiple weapons equipped at once. 

As with the parkour, Craine will get experience to improve his weapons, learn new attacks and so on. When the parkour and melee are combined, the game just gets better. Craine can use both sets of abilities in unison to pull off so amazing looking kills and parkour moves. For instance, using an Infected to launch yourself over that one and do a jump attack to get the one behind. 

Craine also has surviver tree. By completing quests, delivering dead drops, and surviving at night. Craine can develop things like carry more items, get better shop prices and by far the best two attacking abilities camouflage and camouflage attack.

Once a Skill Tree has been completed, Caine will open up the Legend Tree. This is where the experience that he would normally get goes to this tree and every 25 levels, he gets a new skill.

With the addition of the DLC’s, Craine will gain access to Driver skills, making him a better driver. Bet you didn’t guess that.

Is Everyone Infected?

Dying Light has a fair old amount of Infected to throw at you; Biter; The generic zombie style ones. Bomber, they go Boom Boom if you get too close. To the more strange styled Toad, that shoots acid phlegm at you and more. These one you see at daytime and are relatively easy to take on once you have experienced the night.

Dying Light also added a nice little day and night cycle where the shit hits the fan at night. Here the genuine horrors come out to play as Volatiles – think zombie on roids, stronger, faster than normal biters and angry AF.

There Are A Few Casualties

As we know, the Switch in not as powerful as the other console out there, so Techland has to make a few ‘tweaks’ to the game. So it runs on the wee console.

Overall visual downgrade, yes Dying Light is a beautiful to look at on the Switch until you start to get up close to things and look about you. It still looks good, but some textures are scary. Of course, they did this to make the game run.

Some slowdown, again with the Switch being the weakest, there is the chance of slow down. Dying Light has somewhere there is a lot going on at once. The games frame rate plummets.

Dying Light has a co-op function, but because of the Switch’s lack of online features, it is by far the worset way to play online. It works fine, if you want to mess about with the app and are friends with the person you play with. Let’s not start on how accessible it is, playing with a random.

Oh, let us not forget that the Dying Light Platinum Edition comes with all 51 bits of DLC, from clothes to new game modes.

Overall Dying Light Platinum Edition is a fantastic game that holds up well on the Switch. It is not the best in performance or comparative looks. But mostly is runs amazingly. With loads of missions and quests to complete and fantastic movements and battle mechanics, you can’t go wrong here. If you are playing co-op, you know what you’re in for.

If you have never played Dying Light, I highly recommend this game as a solo experience. However, if you played as it, and ithe DLC there will be nothing new here.


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