Developer: Dustwind Studio
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 15/09/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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I have said this before, but; I enjoy going for games that seem interesting and get little in the way of the limelight. Some times they are good and sometimes they are horrid. I wonder where Dustwind: The Last Resort will end up.?

The year is 2075. 25 years ago, a rogue AI almost wiped out all organic life on earth. They named this event the Awakening. After the robotic armies were eventually defeated, only 5% of the Earth’s life forms survived. They left the world desolate, with the survivors fighting over every little scrap of viable resources. 

You play as a nameless mother, who had a close call with a bunch of Raiders. Leaving you to die, they abducted your daughter. It’s time to get her back and raise an army if need be.

The story is decent, with a wide range of Mad Max style characters. Dustwind takes a while for the game to get going. 

dustwind the last resort boom

First thing that need pointed out is the Dustwind is a PC port and you can tell with the overly bizarre controller layout. But just remember, it is not a simple task to port a RTS style game to consoles.


Dustwind falls somewhere in between Diablo and Fallout Tactics. It, however, cannot meet the high standards set by both of these titles. No surprise there as both games are outstanding titles.

The game feels like Diablo from the point of view that you walk around an isometric map and aim with the right stick, then attack with one of the two weapons you have equipped. 

It takes the Fallout shooting mechanic of aiming at different body parts like in the V.A.T.S system, except in real time. It also has a sneak mechanic that can be utilised.

As you kill your way through the land, you get player points that can be used to upgrade your character from walk speed to damage as well as unlock perk that can enhance the player. There is a need for grinding to unlock these perks.

Home Sweet Home

You will eventually get a base where you can upgrade to get access to better items and weapons and better base defences. Along with the most important item box, you can store everything you no long want to carry. 

As you play through the story, there are loads of side missions to do and places to explore. It is a shame that the experience is hindered by a lot of problems.

Too Many To Mention

The layout of the controls is confusing to start with, but they get slightly easier to use after a few hours. I still made mistakes regardless.

I want to say I loved the gameplay but it would be a lie. It felt clunky and there were also input lags where the character wouldn’t do what I wanted her to do. It happened way too much. I didn’t expect an AAA title, but it still needs a bit of polish to improve the gameplay experience. I will not even start with the driving. I will stop here as I can go on for a while.

Overall, Dustwind: The Last Resort has a good foundation and could be a great game. It just has too many problems holding it back. I wanted to enjoy the game, but it was so hard and felt like a slog. Hopefully, these problems will be patched out.

At this moment, I cannot recommend this title as much as I wanted to like it. If it is on sale and you looking for more Diablo styled game at a fraction of the cost, maybe. 


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