Developer: maJAJa
PublisherChorus Worldwide Games
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 15/12/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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When I saw Dungeon Munchies on the December Indie Showcase, I thought this one looks interesting. Let’s give it a shot. Well, I can say that it was not as good as the game’s hook is.

Just after your death, it resurrected you for an important mission. A ghost named Simmer has resurrected you so she can get recipes and you spread the word of her line of cookbook. To do this, kill, and eat the body parts of those you have killed.

The story is passable, it nothing that will have you on the edge of your seat wanting the next cutscene. It needs more flavour to give it a good kick.

As for the characters, they have some brilliant dialog that is well written and has a few comedic takes on gaming and business. With Simmer being a great wee character. It is a shame the story its self is not as good as the cast.


Let’s Eat

Gameplay is a simple platformer with plenty of fighting, and of course eating body parts.

For combat, you have melee and ranged combat. Melee is just mash attack and take the enemy down. While they tied ranged attacks to the left stick. Meaning that you are both moving and aiming with the same stick. It is not a fun experience. 

The only saving grace that Dungeon Munches has is the eating aspect. This mechanic is simple but allows for plenty of customisation, allowing for different builds that suit your play style.

Nom Noms

Your zombie has three equip slots to attach different monster part to yourself. As you eat a part, you gain that power. If you eat a set of wings, you will have wings on your back that allow you to jump higher, or my personal favorite was the poison claws (if poison is an option, I take it).  

Even with this being a fairly simple addition to the game, it adds loads of variety. There are loads of different body parts to equip. 


Dungeon Munchies has one more overly annoying problem. This comes in the form of the game design and the visual novel style cutscenes. The game its self is fairly bland and not really much to look at. That is in total contrast to the visual novel parts where every character looks amazing. I wished there was more love given to the world its self.

Overall, Dungeon Munchies is just an average action platformer, with a good interesting and fun mechanic added. It does not stand out in any other major way. Dungeon Munchies needed a bit more time in the oven and maybe a bit more garnish to give it the time to rise to its full potential.

I wouldn’t run out and buy Dungeon Munchies at full price at the supermarket. I would wait till it’s on the sale aisle.


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