Developer: Deklazon
Publisher: EastAisaSoft
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 23/12/2020
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

Drunken Fist is definitely in its own little niche gaming hole. You take control of our drunk ‘hero’ Will, who is making his way back home after a night out drinking. Making your inebriated way home, Other inebriated people will attack Will. Why? because they are drunk? It does make for one funny game.


Will our ‘Hero’ of Drunken Fist seem like your average drunk. He can’t walk in a straight line, his movements are erratic he will fall over. I am sure most of us have been there. Here the developer based the entire game around crazy drunk physics and my it is both overly annoying and funny at the same time. Move too fast Will will veer off course and more than likely fall over, take a swing at someone more than likely will miss and fall over There is a lot of falling over and Will not doing what you want him to. This is however part of the charm and its annoyance.

Let’s now dive a little deeper in to this drunk filled fight fest. On the surface Drunken Fist is just a fun, daft comedic experience. In which NO ONE should look for anything else, or is there? Still true, do not expect anything serious here. After completing half first of seven stages, with many laughs and face plants, I decided to look at the options menu. Low and behold, there is a move list. Drunken Fist has got moves, a lot of moves. I was just going punching and kicking and leg sweeping my way through the first bunch of Jocks. Now the fight got real, upper cuts, high kicks I was like a Drunken Bruce Lee, then a bar at the bottom of my screen was flashing. Will needed to pee, forgive me, but this made me burst out laughing. To top it off, Will fell in the pee that was it I was buckled.

Now Will has an empty bladder it was time for more fight. While doing all the extra moves I realised the there is a stamina bar. (In my defence for just noticing these bars here I was having too much fun in watching Will fall over and figuring out the best way to make him walk/stagger where I wanted him to). There is also a booze bar where you have to keep Will topped up to fight and health, where you pick up and eat street food. Drunken Fist is actually a fairly deep and simple brawler. This I was not expecting at all.

However, with games of this nature it’s a love, hate or grow to annoy you style game. This for me grew to annoy me, I love the idea it was funny for the first few stages then it started to wear thin falling over or taking overly too long to get Will to move where you wanted him to. Not to mention the added projectiles, yes there is a dodge but still grrrr. Luckily, it took little over an hour to finish.


Drunken Fist will be a one shop stop type experience that you will play and maybe reinstall to show pals for a laugh, that’s it. The drunken physics will get annoying, but at an hour-ish length and low price it’s good for a laugh.

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