Developer: Digital Happiness
Publisher: Digerati Distribution
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X,PC
Reviewed On: PS5
Release Date: 20/07/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

I have not played the original Dreadout game, so I was going in blind. All I knew was I enjoyed horror and Asian horror games. However Dreadout 2 had anticipated this and had a recap of the original game to get you up to speed. 

The story of Dreadout 2 takes place not long after the events of the first game. Linda’s class is still mourning the loss of their classmates, while blaming Linda as she was the only survivor. As Linda tries to get back her old life, a new strange evil has arisen and yet again, she is the only one who can stand up to it. 

The story is rather interesting with the haunting matching up with Indonesian folklore.

Dreadout 2 gameplay

IPhones Are Not Just For Show. 

Linda has to go against these evil malicious spirits with only her wits and her mobile phone and the occasional axe. Linda’s mobile is her main defence against the ghost, as she cannot run at all. Dreadout 2 is normally a third person horror game, based in dark and oppressive areas. Whereas the camera turns the game in to a first-person shooter (for lack of a better word). There are also some melee sections that are serviceable, and add a nice extra layer from just snapping pictures.

When there is an evil specter around, the mobile’s screen starts to glitch, and a band on Linda’s wrist will shine red. It’s now time to check out the area in the first person. This can highlight clues as to where to go. When you see a phantom, it’s time to snap some pics.

When the screen flickers violently, then you want to snap a picture of the apparition. There are two types of picture to take, one is the normal shot while the other you can press and hold for a more powerful picture. And if you just keep snapping and hoping you get a hit, the camera will crash and need time to reset. 


Linda is such an odd cookie for movement, in third person she moves like she is fast walking. She cannot run; she does a fairly pointless dash that moves her slightly faster for two steps? However, Linda has 360 vision for finding where the wraith is.

When in camera view, she walks at a snail’s pace. Meaning switching from first to third person view is a must to survive most revenants. 

Something Doesn’t Feel Right. 

Dreadout 2 has one big flaw, it looks terrible. All the character models look weird with some really horrid textures that would be right at home on the PS2, not the PS5. I am not one for graphics being; the be all and end all, but when they look this bad, I have to say. 

The phone also has a few issues. Pressing the capture button feels sluggish and not overly responsive. Almost as if Linda can’t be bothered pressing the button while a spook is trying to smash her head in with an axe. 

Overall, Dreadout 2 is a decent horror game with some really weird bodach’s and situations. That is not always scary, but can be very creepy. It has some bugs but is still a decent game. 

I would say that Dreadout 2 is one game that’s good but wait on a sale. 


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