Developer: HeartBit
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 19/02/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

Doom and Destiny Advanced is a prequel/sequel and reboot of the IRPG Doom and Destiny. It’s only going to get weirder from here on out.

Doom and Destiny Advanced sees four friends setting out to have a night of D&D and booze. When arriving at the fifth member of the group house, he is nowhere to be found. The four inebriated set off to search the house where they find the basement has merged with a labyrinth. Seems normal for a D&D night…Right? The four friends press on regardless after wandering around they meet Solomon Steel, who kills them and steals their souls.

Moments later, naked and confused, the friends make the realisation they are dead, with no way to return. Well, there is one way they will need to find and trap the essences of former heros, who they can effectively wear. SO they can beat Solomon and get their souls back.


Doom and Destiny Advanced does not at all take it’s self seriously at all. There are plenty of pop culture references, one liners that are laugh-out-loud, funny and some weird ‘shit’ thrown in for good measure. Most of the humor is great and will get a giggle, and for someone who likes low brow humor, I can say it meets the standards. Even when some of it is forced a little too much.

Like the games Doom and Destiny Advanced takes its inspiration from it keeps to the turn based JRPG battles, with a few nuances to make it feel its it own, some good others not so much. Let’s start with the battle system. It uses a few resources that well to be honest seems to deplete quick in the beginning of the game. As magic, abilities and heals all use different abilities, but we share these resources between the entire party. Picking what ability or magic to use is vital. While exploring the four will find items that expand how much of each resource you can carry, so gets a little easier.

The battle system is based around the classes that are unlockable by finding new sprits. These classes will affect the stats abilities both in battle and exploring. For instance, the wizard can use teleport circles, and the cook can make food for fewer resources. Each class can be leveled up by using crystals, depending on the class will depend on the crystals. Like the resources, these are a shared pool and most classes cross over and used the same type.

This leads in to my one minor gripe, Doom and Destiny Advanced wants you and needs to you grind like crazy. I love a good grind, but with so many abilities needing the same resources grinding can me a slog. Also, forget about keeping money you will spend it to heal. Normally it is not a issuse to grind but there are times you have to to progress and it slows the flow of the game down.

Doom and Destiny Advanced takes a lot of the aesthetics from the 16-bit golden era of RPGS. Love it or hate this look it is not going anywhere. I love this look as it is what I grow up with. From Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire and others of its ilk. Dooms and Destiny Advanced embrace the looks of the 16-bit era, until the characters pop up to talk. They are very caricatures looking with other exaggerated features. It just does not seem to gel with the overall look for the game.


Doom and Destiny Advanced is a great game that takes itself with a pinch of salt. The devs seem to have made a game that they wanted to the way they wanted and it payed off overall it is a fun game. bar the grind.

For the price its worth a look see, especially if you are in the mood for something silly.


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