Developer: Nippon Ichi software
Publisher: NISAmerica
Platforms: PS4, Switch
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 29/06/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Disgaea is Nippon Ichi Software’s long running strategy RPG. Here we have the sixth installment. Now in 3D Dood! Let’s see how it stacks up to the previous entries.

Disgaea 6 will see our protagonist Zed, a low class Zombie, attempt to take out the recently revived God of Destruction – the strongest God so far. With the help of his Zombie Dog Cerberus Zed has been granted a way to power-up with Cerberus’ Super Reincarnation spell. Using this spell, Zed has fought the God of Destruction hundreds of times and has lost them all. Dood! Undeterred Zed will not give up and is the strongest Zombie, but nowhere near strong enough to take down the God of Destruction.
Zed will keep fighting and dying to get stronger until he can kill the God. Along his way he will gain allies that are in-despicable to his cause. Can Zed beat the God?

If you have played any previous Disgaea games or NIS games, you know that the writing is usually good. Here however, the writing is outstanding and will give the player a lot of laugh out loud moments. I lost count on how many times I laughed. 


For gameplay I will summarize how the game and fights flow and talk about the newer additions to the games.
Disgaea is a strategy turn-based RPG where each character can move up to once and perform an action once in their turn. Like all games like these, they split the arena into boxes that count as spaces. For moving a character that will have their own movement range highlighted on the floor and they can move anywhere in the highlighted space. This is also the same for attacks or special attacks each has their own range of use.

The battle will end when one side is eliminated, after which you will be sent to the hub area. (The most important and interesting part of the game). In the hub area Zed can buy new items, talk to NPCs, get side quest and so on. After you have done what you need to, its back to the story/fights. Rinse and repeat.

New/Old and Removed Mechanics

Super Reincarnation!

This is the biggest mechanical change in Disgaea 6the Super Reincarnation. This allows any part member to get their level reset to Zero but all the Mana they have collected up to that point will get changed to Karma. Karma works by giving a permanent upgrading. We can spend them stat upgrade as well as unlocking new abilities that will always be with you. Almost like a rouge-like upgrade system.
By grinding out of levels (we all know that in Disgaea it is a must Dood!) you will eventually be stronger than when you reincarnated. 


Demonic Intelligence is the games auto battle system. This takes some of the monotony of grinding away. After we have passed a few bills in the Dark Assembly, you can individually tailer the D.I for each character. To do so, we use the train of thought grid. Here you can like attacks, skill dependent on conditions being met or not met. On the surface it looks daunting however it fairly simple. Bar one small caveat: there is not much for a movement like the use of teleporting, for instance, this would have made a significant addition to the D.I settings. 

It is 3D

Disgaea 6 now has fully rendered 3D characters that are all well animated and designed. But it comes with its own problems (more on that later). I will not lie Disgaea 6 looks stunning. In both characters and worlds, there has been a lot of work put in to it.
Classes and Weapon Classes

Here is my first “urrggh really!” moment in Disgaea 6. Over half of the base classes have been removed, with a couple of fresh additions. This I would guess would be to do with animating all of them. After Disgaea 5 it feels somewhat restricted.
No weapon Class is an interesting choice, no longer at characters stuck with one type of weapon, they can equip any weapon. Depending on the class will depend how effective they are with said equipped weapon. However, use the weapon more and they become more proficient with it, nice little trade off.

Visual Novel Still Here

As we all know by now Nippon Ichi loves their visual novel style cutscenes and Disgaea 6 is no different. There are loads of them and they are great both with visual and with almost all of is voiced. Let me tell you the VA here is outstanding and more than likely the best on any NIS game I have played. 

The Prinny in the Room

I just going to say it Yes, there are performance issues! are they game braking, nope. More like a general annoyance more than anything. There are three visual setting;

Graphics – This will make the game look good and will run the slowest
Balanced – Middle ground looks a little worse but runs smoother
Performance – (I used this one) Yes the character’s look janky but runs fairly smooth.

Even on performance there are still performance problems. Normally with the menus loading slow and the transition from moving about to talking. Again not major problems but when a game is over 50 hours long (for everything) that it becomes a bit of a drain. Luckily it can be rectified hopefully NIS will do soon in patches.

Overall Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny a good game and a fantastic addition to the series. It is also easy for anyone to get in to however with a premium price point I feel this will be for the fans and few newcomers.

I loved my time and recommend Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny for sure if you are fan, but at is current price point I would have to say hold off if not a massive fan and wait for a sale, as it seems a little on the expensive side the now.


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