Developer: Dexter Team Games
PublisherFlynn’s Arcade
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 03/03/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Dexter Stardust: Adventures in Outer Space is a joyous walk down LucasArts filled goodness. If, like me, you grew up in the 90s, then point-and-click adventures were at their best. Dexter Stardust tries to capture this magic. But does it deliver or does it get sucked into a black hole?

You play as Dexter who is a Taco enthusiast. At least he likes to eat and talk about them. Who is a delivery guy in space. One slight problem he has is he always gets himself in trouble. That lead to some interesting and rather random puzzles and places.

The narrative, at times, can be amusing in places. I am looking at you girl scout on mars. The writing at places is a little bland. 

Dexter Stardust gameplay

Space Hopping

Dexter Stardust is broken up in to five different episodes, each with their own narrative, while linking in to the overall story. Each of these episodes is broken down by length, puzzles and story. Letting the player know what they are in for.

For gameplay, it is reminiscent of early point-and-click adventures. You can click on different items on the screen, and it is possible to look, talk, pickup or interact with them. Of course, not all items will do each interaction. 

There are plenty of items that seem to be random, but can be used later on or combined with another item. None of the puzzles are overly difficult, and the only puzzle problem I had was missing an item now and then.

It is also possible to have the developers’ commentary on while playing. They are rather interesting, but I do recommend playing them on a second run. 

The Problem I Heard

The one problem that I had while playing is the quality of the voice acting. It was not bad but sometimes it felt like the actors were in a tin room or a far away from the mic. 

Overall Dexter Stardust: Adventures in Outer Space is a great nod to the good old days of LucasArts. With their mastery of point-and-click adventures.

If you are looking for something a bit out there and rather random, then Dexter Stardust: Adventures in Outer Space is for you.


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