Developer: Black Forest Game
Publisher: THQ NORDIC
Platforms: PS4, Switch, XBox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 29/06/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

Destroy All Humans! Is set in 1959 after the Rosewell incident, Cryptosporidium 137 first arrived on Earth to investigate the planet and search for his predecessor clone, Cryptosporidium 136. Who had gone missing in 1947 on a mission to collect Furon DNA (Humans have a small amount because of a Furon’s warriors encounter and humans in times long past), that 137 has taken up. The Furon’s cannot reproduce but must clone themself instead and with every cone the DNA is corrupt and they lose a bit of themself.

Crypto-137 has to defeat a shadowy government organization called Majestic, that is led by a blacked-suited person called Silhouette. If he can accomplish this Crypto-137 can take over the USA by posing as the President. 

Destroy All Humans! Was a game that I had very fond memories of playing. The writing is funny and works well with the 1959 setting. Nothing that happens or is said is satire in this current age.

Destroy All Humans! gameplay

Destroy All Humans! Is an open world action adventure that is all tongue-in-cheek adventure that you can lose yourself to and there is little thinking needed, just pure fun.

The major draw to Destroy All Humans! is that it is the same game as it was originally released with just a couple of improvements. This is the best part of these types of re-releases. There is no reason to change much, just update a few quality of life changes. When I get my hands on Destroy All Humans! it was just a return to the crazy over the top game, that stands the test of time.

The gameplay is fun fast and crazy. With over the top weapons (the anal probe for instance). Crypto-137 has simple quests, and within open maps this leads to some fun action that is just that fun. Crypto-137 is a wisecracking alien that wants to kill every human he sees. With a host of abilities and tech, that will help him complete his tasks.

The biggest change that happened was the updates on the graphics. The game looked amazing. Everything has had a full overhaul. On the switch, there were a few textures pop-ins that happened in a cutscenes. It does not last long, but it is very noticeable when it happens.

Overall Destroy All Humans! is a great wee game that lives up to the cult like status it have gained over the years. It is just mindless fun, as long as you take nothing seriously and look at it as a product of its time. There is so much fun to be had.


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