Developer: Konfa Games
Publisher: OverGamez
Platforms: PS4, Switch, PC, mobile
Reviewed On: PS4
Release Date: 26/06/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

The world as we know it is over. The humans have been made slaves of the Robots and are used to make power to sustain them. You are in charge of a power station and it is your job to keep the power on. TO do this you must, make power, reproduce humans, feed them and if they are of no use use them as resources.

Like in most Rouge-lites there is not much of a story, luckily Despotism 3K’s gameplay makes up for this.


Despotism 3K is such a simple game to play and understand, but get hard fast. Strap yourself in we going to be herding humans.
From the start of Despotism 3K you can instantly tell this will be an easy to learn game. There are five systems and each with its own purpose.

Human Storage – Where new humans are put when born, and will increase their exhaustion as well.
Wheel – Produce power
Breeder – Fairly self explanatory
Food Producer – Again says it all
Bioreactor – Any surplus humans can be thrown in, food and energy produced.Claws – Used to move humans around the stations.

The stations will need the player to press plus or minus 1 depending on the need at the station. For instance, if you need more food produced then add a human. As they make food, the stamina bar will drop if it is depleted. They will die. However, you can remove them and add a human to replace them. The tired human will be put back in to storage to recover (however, I put them in the bioreactor it was quicker than waiting on them to recover as breeding quicker quicker).
We can upgrade each of these systems to make them more effective. These will need energy to do so. For instance, the breeder you can add more humans having rumpy pumpy, therefore making more humans.

Talking about energy will lead on to the timer. Every twenty seconds there will be an energy drain. If there is not enough energy (shown in the sidebar) it’s game over and you will need to restart. However, survive the energy drain five times you will complete a day. At the end of a day you will get a random event that you need to respond to. With some weird and wonderful out comes, for an example, I got a virus that made all my human’s stamina last longer, however will only eat food from the bioreactor. Making the food producer useless and changing the game flow. That was one example there have been loads of strange things that happened to me while playing.

Despotism 3K also has modifiers to change the gameplay depending how good or bad you did on your last run. These also change up the gameplay as well adding more interesting advantage or disadvantages to the current run.

Overall Despotism 3K is a great wee rouge-lite that will test you to the limits. The developers state that Easy to learn, hard to master. Never a truer word said for a game. I loved my time with Despotism 3K. It is perfect to pick up and play for a short while and it is always fun.

I recommend Despotism 3K for sure, its loads of fun.


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