Developer: Compile Heart
Publisher: If Idea Factory
Platforms: PS4, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 28/08/2020
Price£44.99 £17.99/$49.99 $19.99
On Sale until 25/02/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Death end re;Quest 2 the follow up to one of If Ideas best RPG’s (in my opinion) Death end re;Quest. However, this outing goes for a darker route and some themes that I was not expecting to see. One being that that they actually link two games, this pique my interest no end. I will not go in to further spoilers as the game’s story gets really deep and interesting after the first few chapters. Making the story of Death end re;Quest 2 one of the best that If Idea has realised.

The overall narrative is that Mai becomes an orphan though a murder she commits and ends up in the little town of Le Choara in an all girls’ orphanage. For Mai this is great, as this is the last place she knew her sister was located. However, when getting there she realises something is not right as no one knows her sister or can even remember her. To top that off, the town of Le Choara becomes a twisted, nightmarish image of its self at nights. Mai must find her sister while discovering what has happened to the town.


They break the gameplay down in to two parts: the visual novel story telling during the day and the exploration/JRPG parts at night. So let’s have a look at them both.

Visual Novel – Day

As anyone who is familiar with the work of Compile Heart and If Idea Factory, they will know that the narrative aspect of the games is where you want to invest your time as most stories are twisting, turning, funny, deep and overall griping. Along with a great Visual Novel style story telling. Death end re;Quest 2 is no different. We will spend half of the game going around the orphanage or the town talking to distinct characters, in a typical 2D highly detailed drawing of the charters engaged in conversation. Each character that Mai can talk to will be on the map, and it’s just a case of moving to the location and let the story unfold.

Exploration – Night

At night the girl are forbidden to leave their rooms for anything (hope none need a pee). there is a good reason they are not allowed outside, as the town is not one they will want to see. Everything has changed and been warped in to something evil. With monsters roaming the streets and death around every corner. Along with this there is an unkillable Shadows Monster that stalks the streets, not someone you want to meet down a dark ally.

When it comes to the battle system at Death end re;Quest 2 has the returning billiards style back. One of the better innovative battle systems I have seen in a while. The battle system has a few elements that blend together to make something rewarding and fun.

AS you explore the world, the enemies will be on screen paroling the streets. Running in to them will start a fight or hitting them will give you a primitive turn and less health to deal with. Then you are taken to a circle battle field with weird circles places in the middle. The character is free to move around the battlefield and attack enemies. However, the primary focus of the attack is to bounce the enemy off the circle grid, another enemy or a party member. Doing so will exponentially increase the attack damage and if an ‘Overkill’ is performed, a EXP boost to boot. Mastering this mechanic is the number one priority in battle.

The circles on the floor work as a sort of buff and debuff system for the player. Depending on the colour, the character can get a magic buff so increasing damage to skills for instance, or they can cause damage. IF you clear the field of these circles in battle, you get a nice bonus to EXP too.


Death end re;Quest 2 is yet again a fantastic offering from If Idea Factory that is a must play for all fans of the JRPG game style. With the innovative battle system and great story, there is nothing to lose.

A Must buy if you played the first game you HAVE to play this one you will not regret it.


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