Developer: CO5MONAUT
PublisherBadLand Publishing
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, Pc
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 13/05/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

Death Crown is a simple looking simple to play RTS game where you have to destroy the opposing teams Citadel.

The story is given though a simple yet strikingly lovely cinematic at the start of the game. The King seemly pretends to be dead and when Death comes to collect his soul, he instead wakes up and using mages to steal Death’s Crown. This then in turn starts the war of Death Crown.

Stroy goes its well fairly none existent. Also, I feel Death needs a new job if she can’t tell the difference between dead and alive.


The gameplay in Death Crown is simple. With few mechanics to deal with and each new mechanic gets a tutorial.

Death Crown is a RTS where you have only three building to build in order to take out the enemy.
Mine – This produces gold, building an extra mine will lower its gold production.
Tower – These kill enemy troops.
Barracks – These produce troops.

The barracks are the only unit that the player will interact with. To do so, highlight the building, select it and drag it to the building you want to attack a line will be drawn that your unit will follow. Units will only attack buildings.

At the start of any game only a few tiles will be accessible to build on. In order to expand the territory, you will need to build towers and barracks. On the map there will be black stones (normally thre3) and if you build next to a stone, you will get increased damage to your units, these stack. While playing, more so in later games, the game can get very confusing quickly. With multiple barracks there will be multiple lines and a lot of the lines intersect with each other so knowing what is going on right way becomes a pain. Death Crown does not assign different colours to the teams, making it even harder to tell what’s going on.

On the map are different tiles;
Forest – cannot be built on but units can pass though
Mountain – can’t build or pass though
Special Terrains – These can give power boosts, lower increase building cost.

One little annoyance I have regarding Death Crown is that the enemy has access to abilities that we do not and some unpredicable A.I. For example, an eye that will pop up and remove your control over an area anywhere on the map. This stops any buildings you may have their unusable and these areas can not be taken over again. It’s just arrrgghhh. The A.I will some times play so well you do not have a chance of winning, while over times it is fairly useless and you can win in a matter of moments. It seems to a prayer to the NRGod’s is needed to get the easy wins.

I have to mention the art style; I love the simpleness and the minimalist approach to the games looks. However, as stated above, this look could hinder the game for you as it is too simple at times.

Overall Death Crown is a simple game that is fairly solid gameplay. That wears its budget price on its sleeve. The fact it is so simple makes it a big boon for me, as it’s good to play games you can just pick up and play. It is, however, very confusing later on in the game.

As for a recommendation point it all boils down to the graphics and if you can cope with lots of lines and minimal differences


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