Developer: XSEED Games
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 19/05/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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What happens when Rune Factory meets zombies? You get Deadcraft. A zombie survival hack and slash gardening sim.

You take the role of Reid, a zombie hunter that just escaped from a mad scientist that was experimenting on him. The scientist also killed Reid’s friend and hunting partner. Now he is out for revenge. However, Reid is not a normal hunter, he is a half zombie.

Earth is a barren, lawless, post-apocalyptic place that is overrun by zombies. With a few fenced off shanty towns holding the last of humanity. Hundreds of years ago, comets hit the Earth. They were also the home to a zombie-like virus that wiped out most of humanity. However, there are a few half-zombies. These are made when a woman is infected while pregnant.

deacraft game

Zombies, Half-Zombie and Zombie Growing.

Yes, Deadcraft is as batshit crazy as it sounds. As you wander the waste collecting wood, metals and so on. You will run into hordes of zombies and, of course, humans. Both are valuable resources in this world. Zombies will give you Zomblood and materials and are there to die.

Humans are both a resource and a tool to dominate. Like all games supply quests, shops, and can be threatened and killed for items if need be (there are plenty of reasons). But what do you do with the dead bodies? ZOMBIECRAFT!!!!

Deadcraft has a wee twist on the usual gardening of tomatoes and so on. They will fill up the food meter. But we have Zombiecraft where you take a dead human after they are all wrapped up, take them back to your garden and plant them. Throw on some Zomblood and you have your own Zombie army. Even better is the weapon they are holding when they die they use as a zombie. This also works on normal veggies, giving them more zombie properties.

Zombie or Human?

Why not both? Like the usual food, thrust and stamina meters of these types of farming games, Deadcraft has a zombie meter. Depending on the food and drink you eat, for example, these will change your alignment to human and zombie. Each has their strengths and weaknesses.

When you become more human, you have less health but more defence and weaker. But human will interact with you. Being more zombie has a few benefits, health is far bigger, you will be stronger and can use your Zombie powers. However, if you’re more zombie than human, there is a larger chance other humans will attack you.

This makes a fun balancing act, between the two sides. Going to town you want to be more human or out fighting the hoards you should be more zombie.

A Few issues made me go RAAAAUUUUGHHHHH!

There are a few quality of life changes needed. Deadcraft would do with being able to take on more than one quest at a time, as this is bloody annoying. More so because of having no actual idea what the quest is until you pick it.

Maybe even a wishlist for when you are trying to collect materials for crafting. There were plenty of times I had way more materials I did not need than I did.

Overall, Deadcraft has a decent balance of action, crafting, farming and zombies. There are a few niggles that do not take away from the fun and zombie army you will amass. There is not much innovation that will make this feel new.

Deadcraft is must play for Zombie fans and Rune Factory that want something a little darker.


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