Cyber Protocol

Developer: RedDeerGames
Publisher: RedDeerGames
Platforms: Switch
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 26/09/2019
Price: £8.99/$9.99
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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[ Introduction ]

I am a hacker, who has been tasked with bringing G0X6 back to life by activating the protocol. Do I know what this is? Not a clue. Does it matter? Nope I was sold.

Who needs a deep story-line with a puzzle game anyway?

Cyber Protocol level

[ Gameplay ]

The gameplay is as simple as finish the 100 levels as quickly as possible. The cube you guide around a level moves in four directions, and the movement continues till a hard surface is hit. However, the levels get progressively more complex with new mechanics thrown in. The game does an excellent job of introducing the new elements when they arrive.

After the first few levels bombs are added into the mix, these are set off by moving your square over them with a slight delay. When they are introduced it goes over them in a straight line. Then the next level is a timing game where you need to cross over the bombs you just activated without dying. Moving in at the right time becomes vital. Adding in more elements will make precise movements the only way to finish a level. Let’s not forget the yellow blocks on the level. To get a perfect run, in each level there are a set amount of blocks, collect them all and finish the course as fast as possible are all that matter.

There is an almost guaranteed chance you will fail a lot of the levels, luckily for us, they do not change. Replying each stage to get the best time and blocks, leads to unlimited replay value. There are also local and world leader boards to conquer to show how good you are at each of the levels.

If that is not enough for you, then there is a multiplayer option to play with friends to show them who is the best. It’s the puzzle game that keeps on giving.

Cyber Protocol neon

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

Cyber Protocol has a unique ’80s vibe with the neon glow and somewhat basic animations and sprites. Is this a bad thing?  No, the game looks truly beautiful. The colours contrast perfectly with the black background, each colour pops from the screen and looks great. 

Even if the animations are simple, makintg it is easy to see what each of the traps are. For me the simplicity of the art style and the bright neon colours are amazing and the main draw to the game.

There were no bugs that I could find, apart from my slow reactions within the game.

Cyber Protocol leaderboard

[ Sound ]

The sound design is OUTSTANDING!! The music is where the game comes into its own. I am not one for the synth-wave type music, but here it is just remarkable, it has to be listened to know how good it really is. It harks back to the ’80s arcade era perfectly. Mix the soundtrack in with 80’s style sound effects, and you have a total winner. 

There is a music player in the game where every song can be listened to, and I listened to every track on there, it is so worth it.

Cyber Protocol music player

[ Conclusion ]

Cyber Protocol is one of the puzzle games that might fly under the radar a little, if this is to happen, it will be a shame. There is so much gameplay here if you like puzzle games to keep you busy for a long time. It is exciting and painstakingly hard, but once you master a level and get a perfect, it feels so rewarding.

With this being under a tenner, how could we not recommend it? Go and give it a go even if you are not a massive puzzle game fan; this might change your mind. If not, you still have bought an epic soundtrack.


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