Developer: Passtech Games
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 23/02/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Here we have Curse Of The Dead Gods. Another Rouge-like I am getting the feeling Rogue-like is the big thing in the past few years. Have you got RL fatigue or can you fit another one in under your belt?

Like most hames in this genre the story is lack luster. Your character wants to gain the power of the Gods. To this you will need to defeat the three dungeons and unlock your reward….if you can.

I have said it once and I will say it again ‘We are not here for a story’


Curse Of The Dead Gods is one game that I loved as Much as I hated. I love the progression and the curses but god did I hate the light element of the game.

As far as combat goes it is fairly simple attack, long range attack, dodge, parry and your torch (possibly the most important item you have). Curse Of The Dead Gods will test your skill sot the limits and will not give until you complete the level or die. Dies being the most likely outcome for a long time. The dungeons themselves have 10 runs to complete. Each run will have branching paths that will lead to several rooms, each having their own room type. Healing, battle, alters, boss rooms and so on. After we finish each room, you will get a reward and a curse (more on that soon). The branching paths allow the player to pick the best route for them, making everything feel a little different in each run.

The combat in Curse Of The Dead Gods felt very polished once you get used to the games speed of course, it felt slightly slower than say Hades. The game its self starts off straight forward with the attacks and dodge but there are two aspects that make this title stand out, Light and Curses. The light mechanic is simple enough but can become tedious. With the torch you have a small light source to see your surroundings, it can also be used to light fires to make the room more visible. Light is your best friend, as in the dark enemies get a 50% attack buff that makes an already hard game harder also it allows you to see traps on the floor. You can also set fire to enemies, so there is that. Be careful as fires can be destroyed and this can and will lead to a world of hurt.

Curses are the main standout point for this rouge-like, curses are inevitable and will change how the game plays. They curses are in linked to the games mechanics. Curse is accumulated in several ways, and once the bar hits 100% a new curse will be given to our character changing up the game however if you receive five curses your health will slowly drop over time. Curse points are given after leaving a room. Alters that will give a buff, weapon upgrades and new weapons can be paid by gaining curs, with gold or your own blood (you choose). Healing pits can be used by gaining curse but is worth it. Even with everything cursing you, the curses have an upside and there are ways to combat curses. For example, a curse may make gold dropped disappear over time, but there will be more of it per drop. However, items can reduce curse and if you defeat a boss, we can remove a curse. In short, everything you do in Curse Of The Dead Gods is a double-edge sword, making for great risk rewards gameplay.

When you die and yes, you will a lot or if you finish the run, you go back to the central hub. Here there are a few bonuses that can be acquired. First it will allow the player to pick the dungeon they would like to attempt. We can also buy and equip blessing that will help you complete the next run. These will be active for as long as it is equipped. We can also buy new weapons, that will increase the range of weapons added to the pool for each level and pick the starting weapons. 


Overall Curse Of The Dead Gods is another rouge-like with a cool twist that will frustrate you to no end or make you revel in the glory that it death. I personally felt the light mechanic added an extra lay that made the game be more tedious and fiddly. I loved my time with Curse Of The Dead Gods.

I would say for the price and how good the game is over all I would recommend this title.


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