Developer: Otomate
Publisher: Idea Factory
Platforms: Switch
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 05/11/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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If there is one thing that you can be certain on is the most visual novels are out there. Even the most serious or the most light-hearted will have something happen that will shock you (and not always in the way you expect). Or will just be batshit from the start. Cupid Parasite is definitely the latter.

You take on the role of Lynette Mirror, the best bridal adviser at Cupid Corporation. The top matchmaking Corp. in Los York. We join her as she will be handed her biggest job to date. However, if she pulls it off, she will get a promotion.

She has been tasked to get the five most difficult customers on Cupid Corps client list marriage ready. These guys are so hard to match. They have been budded the Parasite 5. But Lynette will give it her all for these 5. There are plenty of twists and turns to be had and some odd moments that Lynette will find herself in.

Oh, I forgot to mention the subplot; (remember batshit) Lynette is actually the Cupid. And she is also trying to show her Mars (her dad) that human match making is more powerful than he believes. But will Cupid be the one to fall in love? 


A Bit To Light Hearted?

The story of Cupid Parasite never really takes its self seriously at any point. It is a Rom-Com that will have you laughing out loud. There is even some fanservice in there. 

As Cupid Parasite will not before everyone, if you are not a fan of Rom-Com, then this light-hearted story might bit a bit too much for you. I am not a rom-com fan, but I gave it a shot (albeit not really knowing anything about the VN) and I was surprised how good it was.

The Parasite 5

The five guys that Lynette has to match up have very polarising personalities:

Gill the Lovelorn Parasite – Is pining after his past.
Shelby the Prestige Parasite – A high status is more important than anything.
Raul the Obsessed Parasite – Is taken in by anything mythological
.Ryuki the Glamor Parasite – Is all about his and other’s looks.
Allan the Thieving Parasite – Wants only taken women.
Lynette the Cupid Parasite – As she can match anyone but can’t find love herself.

Even with these personalities, the 5 are surprisingly deep and well written, with plenty of layers to get at. None of the 5 are as bad as they seem to be when you first met them. Lynette is just a darling, too.


Visually Cupid Parasite is fantastic. In fact, it was what drew me in. The visuals just pop off the screen, and have that Persona vibe to them. With everything being over the top and styled in a way that just grabs your attention. 

This also goes for the soundtrack. It had me toe tapping, with its upbeat tones and catchy rhythms. That fits the tone of the VN perfectly. 

Overall, Cupid Parasite will not be to everyone’s taste. It if far more light-hearted than other Otome games, and it is dazzling visually. But if you give it a go, it might surprise you.

However, with Cupid Parasite’s price point, it could be a hard pill to swallow if you dislike it. If you have any thoughts, that it is not for you, wait on a sale.


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