Developer: Hit Point
Publisher: KEMCO
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC. Mobile
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 17/12/2020
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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KEMCO are at it again, porting more Mobile style games back on to consoles. They have done this with all their latest games of the past few years. Each varying in quality from decent to awful. Now we have Crystal Ortha, how will this fair.

The story of Crystal Ortha revolves around Ross, a hired mercenary, Margret a gun toting struggling aristocrat, Tee a Crystal hunter and Marshma a devotee of the dragon worshipers. Together they are searching for the Mother Lode, legendry crystal that will save Margert’s family.

As far as the story goes, this is one of KEMCO’s better games. The four characters all having their own personalities and thoughts on why they are looking for the Mother Lode. With this, each character has a bit of development, something missed in most KEMCO games.


In terms of gameplay, Crystal Ortha follows the early 90’s RPG formula; with the world map being accessible while traveling from one town to the next. Random encounters (something I miss in some modern RPGs). There are a few changes made to the formula, for one there is no money in the game even though the characters talk about how little they have. SO new weapons, armour and accessories are crafted from materials found in the world or as drops from mobs.

Battles are doing in a dungeon crawling style first person, where only the enemy sprites are visible. I love dungeon crawlers, so I was more that happy here. As with all RPG’s characters level up, as they do they will unlock skills (almost all of them). Each Character can have up to five Skills equipped at one time. This gives the game a bit of a tactical feel with possibly having to swap out Skills that are less effective in certain areas. Lastly, each character can have a passive skill set called a Carminas.

One Character is not like the rest. Marshma works a little differently. First, she can only equip accessories; no weapons or armour. Lastly, she does not get skills as she levels up. Marshma is Crystal Ortha’s answer to Blue magic in Final Fantasy. The only way she can learn skills is by learning off the enemies and copying the skills she can from them. With her being the last member to join, she turns the game on its side. However, Blue Magic is my favourite type in FF, so I love Marshma (she becomes OP) and her Dragon Costume.

The game looks really pretty there has been a lot of attention payed to make this one of the better looking games KEMCO has produced in a while. The soundtrack is decent but becomes a bit grating after a while, not a problem just turn sound down.


I ain’t going to lie after some games KEMCO had put out recently I had little hope for this being any good, however Crystal Ortha is a cut above the rest. Excellent story, decent characters, deep battle systems, and of course Marshma.

I hope KEMCO keeps pushing this quality now.


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