Developer: Woodys Studios
Publisher: eastasiasoft
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 11/08/2021
Price£17.99 £14.39/$19.99 $15.99
On sale untill 31/08/2021 UK and 01/09/2021 US
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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I just going to say I love a good visual novel, here is the latest Crimson Spires. Let’s sink our teeth deep in to the veins of this one.
Crimson Spires starts with FBI agent Erika Wright, being called in to investigate a crashed prison transport that has crashed in the small town of Bataille. The prisoner is August, the so-called serial killer who pleads he is innocent. If this is not bad enough after confronting August, Crimson Spires emerge from the ground surrounding the town. These Spires will kill anyone who gets too close to them without warning. 

As days pass and Erika is the only law enforcement officer in Bataille and is promoted to Sheriff. As the days pass, the town’s folk call this time Contingency! This has split the beliefs of the folks, some believing it is an act of Gog to protect them, while others believe it is a punishment for past transgressions. However, Erika believes there is more to it and will do her best to keep the peace and find out the truth, so she can get back to her stolen life.


Crimson Spires had me hooked and wanted to find out what was happening from the outset. It does a great job of dragging you in to the world. The writing is superb, and I August is a fantastic character. His dry sense of humor made me laugh more than I like to admit.
Crimson Spire is another Otome game where you will have the same old tropes and multiple paths that can be traveled in the romance department. It is totally up to you who you romance, but like all Otome games, multiple playthroughs are recommended. The devs also added post game content that can be unlocked after your first playthrough. This expands on the story even more.

One of Crimsons Spires’ strongest aspects is the weird and wonderful cast that you will meet. Each of the people you will interact with are all different and weird at the same time. This makes for some interesting reading. I would like to mention the visual novel section of the games are also striking and beautiful throughout. 

The graphics are only good in these sections. While playing, there are first person investigation segments. These segments are will dire, blocky and low quality, this completely offsets the overall quality of the game. It is a shame.

Overall Crimson Spires is a well written and interesting Otome visual novel that will keep players engaged from start to finish. It is just let down by the unpolished feel of the first person sections. 

If you ignore the contrast in graphics, there is plenty on offer here. 


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