Developer: Team GrisGris, MAGES
PublisherMarvelous, XSEED
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 20/10/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Corpse Party is a game that has been around for the past 25 Years, with multiple games, multiple ports and anime. So the likely hood that you have never heard of Corpse Party is slim. With this being the 2021 port, is it worth buying again or jumping in if you have not played before?
Corpse Party (2021) starts with nine students at Kisaragi High, telling ghost stories and saying goodbye to their friend Ayumi after the School’s culture festival. After some teasing and scaring, it is time to leave. Before they do, Ayumi wants to perform the Sachiko Ever After ritual that will ensure they stay friends no matter where they are.

The ritual was performed incorrectly. An earthquake hits and the class mates fall in to a hole that opens up below them. The friends wake to find themself in the run down dilapidated halls of Heavenly Host Elementary. The former building that was there before Kisaragi High was erected. Heavenly Host Elementary has a very dark history of death and murder. And the school is littered with dead bodies.

The story is a masterpiece of writing, and the subtle and overt touches of horror and mental brake downs will have you at the edge of your seat. It goes to some truly dark and twisted places.


A Dead School

Most of the game will take place in Heavenly Host Elementary, with the story split in to 5 chapters. With this version adding some extra chapters. Allowing for each group of students to have their own arc in the story. 

The main gameplay element will see you walking about and collecting items and solving puzzles, like a point and click adventure. By walking around the halls of and inspecting basically anything you can to get clues to allow the characters to gain access to previously locked areas. As much as this sounds simple, there is a big emphasis on trial and error and your memory. As you interact with objects and walk around Corpse Party (2021) wants the player to remember everything they can. Brace yourself for somewhere the F%*k is this item to be used moments. 

As you wander around the school, there are ghosts that will tell you more about the place and basically make you feel disheartened by telling you there is nothing you can do to escape. This is further solidified with the copious amounts of dead remains strewn around the halls. To make this feel more macabre, you can collect the school IDs of these bodies.

Choices Matter

Corpse Part (2021) has the player making choices throughout their time within each chapter. Depending on how these are answered, will affect how the games and chapter ending. With each chapter has three or more ending each, there are plenty of reasons to play each chapter multiple times and get all the ending. 


The visuals of Corpse Party (2021), have kept their 16bit style. The visuals have been overhauled with the visual novel elements. And they look stunning. Each character has had a great makeover. While keeping their familiar looks, players know. 

I prefer these new visuals and it is a good thing to as they did the story in a visual novel style and there is plenty to read. Corpse Party is not shy when it comes to story. For the story elements, there is now a fully voiced Japanese track to go along with it. 

Corpse Party (2021) is a master class of how a game does not need to be visually detailed to be truly scary and twisted. The narrative did this on its own. The visuals and audio just added more atmosphere. 

Where Corpse Party (2021) falls down is just down to the many ports it has had, and there have not been that many of the changes. Saying that Corpse Party (2021) is a must buy for anyone who loves horror games. Why are you still here? Go get it. 


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