Developer: TRAGsoft
PublisherFreedom Games
Platforms: PS4, Switch, PC, Mobile
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 21/07/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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The latest in the catch ‘em all RPG Coromon is here. It does a few things differently but you. Know what you are getting into. I won’t bore you with the things you already know. 

You are a young adult starting a new research job at Lux Solis to collect Coromon to help the company’s research. You are equipped with the latest Thanos styled gauntlet and some spinner and it is time to research ‘em all. 

Coromon fight

Feels The Same But Different 

Even with Coromon feeling very similar, it also does a few things differently, not always better. 

When it comes to battles, the Coromon use SP for all attacks. As you battle, this will get lower until your Coromon cannot act anymore. Meaning more recovery items used and trips back to town needed. 

There will be times where you will battle multiple enemies at once, not one after the other, as in 3V1 style fight. This normally means a KO for your Coromon. Or death if you play in that mode – only play this if you have finished the game once.

The only real annoying aspect of battles is the inability to skip attack animations.

Each Coromon is tied to one element. This led me to playing with the same set of Coromon through most of the playthrough. 


Coromon is a great-looking game. With some great pixel animation and designs, that are worth seeing. 

Overall, Coromon is yet again another pokemon clone. That has a few differences. I know most seem negative, but they are not. They add a new dynamic to the gameplay that makes it standout. 

Coromon is a buy for all pokemon fans


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