Developer: Retrific
Publisher: Headup Games
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 23/12/2020
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Colt Canyon is a game of revenge, something right out of a Clint Eastwood block buster.

The game starts with your character and their partner doing the basics, learning to shoot and roll. Then a band of Outlaws come take your partner and leave you for dead. Once you have a gun in your hand and have recovered, it is time to get rescue your partner. Leaving a blood-soaked trail of death everywhere you go.


As there is not much to go on with the story in Colt Canyon, it is good that the game is a total blast to play. Gameplay is simple it is shoot, reload, move, dodge and lets not forget the trusty knife. With this not being melee based fights, there is a real danger of running out of bullets or shells, with reloading not being instant. This makes every fire fight even more difficult, like in Enter The Gungeon.

Each fire fight is fast, deadly, and can easily get chaotic in no time at all if you are not playing attention. In all good twin stick shooters it’s about the firefights, and Colt Canyon has the difficulty about right. The firefights are all doable as long as you are constantly moving, firing and timing reloads. One slip up could be enough to get killed and restart the run, more so on later levels.

With all rougelikes when you die you ‘die’ and it’s a restart of the run. Colt Canyon has this, but as you progress, unique characters unlock. Each character has different movement speed, health and damage and weapons. My personal favourite was the Native Indian girl.

She was fast on her feet and had a bow and arrow as a start weapon. The upsides of the bow was that it was silent, so I could take out the outlaws without being seen. The arrows could also be collected, so that ammo was not a problem. Her draw back was she has only two health so big fights where a problem, this is where the speed comes in to play keep dodging and firing.

There was one or two downsides to the Colt Canyon experience. The lack of enemy types was a little disappointing, yes fight were frantic and fast-paced, but killing the same sprites over and over and getting to grips with the attacks was repetitive after a while. The lack of bosses as well would like to see more.


I not going to lie despite the lack or enemy types Colt Canyon is a fantastic twin stick shooter that will no doubt fly under most radars. THe game plays like a warm knife though butter; it is frantic and will test your grit to finish.

Colt Canyon is a must buy.


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