Developer: Glaive Games
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: PS4
Release Date: 13/03/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Collapsed is another rouge-like platformer. Is Collapsed going to stand by the bigger boys of the rouge-like in this already saturated genera?

In most rouge-like’s story is not the first thing that will come to mind for anyone who has picked one up, Collapsed follows this trend with a story that covers why everything has been destroyed and by what. However, the story can be missed out completely if you don’t find the writings throughout the levels. Between us makes no difference to the gameplay.


What we want from our rouge-like’s is fast-paced nonstop action. Here, Collapsed delivers in spades. With four Hunters (classes) to play as tonnes of loot and loads of enemies to kill, there will be enough to keep most fans entertained.

One aspect I had to comment on is that Collapsed takes a more loot based approach to your runs with tons of loot dropping from chest and enemies you have defeated. Aloowing for a substantial amount of customisation in each run. Items will improve as you and your Hunter progress though the levels. However, some of the additional abilities felt a little lack luster, they did a job, but that was about it. We can also craft items from what you have picked up, allowing for better ones to be crafted. Considering the vast amount of items you will collect per run; we basically negated this minor flaw.

Collapsed has four hunters to pick from each allowing for a different play style;
Reaper – Armed with an assault rifle and a scythe. The ideal starting class and jack of all trades.
Devourer – Long ranged sniper class with Gause Rifle and can hit multiple enemies in a straight line.
Warrior – Amines with a massive sword and shot gun, perfect for up close and personal fight.
Pest – Has a spray gun has a chance of inflicting a status debuff and fast melee attacks. (also my perosnal fav)

Having these four hunters really allows for the player to get to pick how they like to play. Mixing the items you will collect and there is a lot to make each run feel different. I cannot forget the skill tree that will crossover each character so the core abilities are shared and there is no class really slacking behind.

As with all rouge-like, the difficult curve can be high and it is easy to see yourself majorly outnumbered in seconds if you are not paying attention. Collapsed keeps this trend going with multiple enemies attacking from all sides. This will make a bullet hell feel to some levels as gun play is a major factor in Collasped. Luckily we have a dash that will be used A LOT! to reposition yourself or just get out of fire, the dash also grants I frames, so dash though them bullets if need be.

In each level, the Hunter needs to find and open one of three portals that will lead to the next level. Once a portal is activated it will spew out enemies to take out before the portal is useable. It acts as a sort of end of level challenge. After three portals, you will go up against a boss. The bosses in Collapsed are a strange affair. Some can be simply overpowered with guns, and dodging the fairly obviously simple attack patterns, while some will just out right kill you if you get hit by them once or twice.

Lastly each level is procedurally generated in both layout and item dropped, making Collasped have some replayability.


Collasped feels like the standard rouge-like we are used to. While trying to mix up the formula with looter shooter style gameplay it feel generic in the end up.

If you are looking for some more rouge-like gameplay, this could be for you.


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