Developer: Noio
Platforms: Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 19/05/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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There is no story per se in Cloud Garden. There are small glimpses through the levels that humans are no more. And this is mother Earth reclaiming what is rightfully hers. 

Cloud-Gardens game


Cloud Garden is a super simple game to pick up and play for an hour or 10 minutes. I found it hard to do a long run on this title. It is not because it’s bad; the problem is it’s too simple. 

There are 150 (give or take a few) dioramas that have been broken down into six areas. Highway, Junkyard, Railroad, Greenhouse, Graveyard and Factory. Each different area offers themed dioramas to play with. 

How does your garden grow? 

The object of each diorama is to populate it with debris for plants to grow on and make it look pretty. 

You will unlock a bunch of different seeds, each growing a different way. For example, one seed will only grow on walls, others need fertile ground. Adding some variety to your wee urban garden. 

The plants will grow when more items we place near them. After a few growths, they will grow fruit or flowers. Collecting these will allow the player to plant more seeds and change the type of seed. 

There is an element of physics at play. Where, if not correctly placed, the debris might fall and destroy plants, lowering the total area covered. Finally, placeable items are limited, so don’t waste them. 

Overall, Cloud Garden is a relaxing puzzle game that takes something unsightly and turning it into something beautiful. It’s upcycling but for nature. Cloud Garden is a very relaxing experience. 

For fans of puzzle games or for a more casual gameplay experience, Cloud Garden is a great pick. 


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