Publisher:Sekai Games
Platforms: Switch, XBox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 25/03/2021
Price£11.69 £9.35/$14.99 $11.99
On sale until 25/03/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Clea 2 is set four years after Clea and the Whitlock Mansion incident. It follows the former mansion maid Florine as the Chester family hires her to help them resurrect the War Maiden. However, Florine has her own goals filled with guilt and is not over what happened four years ago. She wants to resurrect the person who means the most to her.

Right from the get go the game openly tells you about the 3rd dimension, monsters, evils and even brushes off some happenings as if they are normal. One minor issue I have about Clea 2 and Clea’s story is it was too simple. I would have loved InvertMouse to flesh out the characters and the worlds. I feel they missed a trick here. I do not mind a simple story as the game is not that long but be good to have more; I WANT MORE!!!!


When it comes to game play, Clea 2 plays almost identical to the previous entry Clea. As you make your way through the weird and wonderful world of Clea 2, you have but a few options to survive. You can walk, run, sneak and hide. Making this both fun and can also be scary.

No jump scares……yeah right! Well, ok not really jump scares per se but scary none the less with the horrors opening doors when you want to go in them or just passing them gives you the Willies. One thing I did notice is some monsters like to hang about where Florine is, like basically on top of where she is so I highly recommend going slow and taking chances.

Clea 2 is hard, really hard. There are plenty of options to mitigate this level of difficulty. For example, unlimited saves: all you need to do is find a cake. Whereas normally Florine would need candles to save. This I liked, I found Clea a bit easy for my liking. This could put some players off, but it’s worth the effort. If you are a satanist, there are multiple endings as well.

The audio track is still creepy hearing the footsteps, knowing something is near will keep you on the edge of your seat. One slight problem: it is hard to accurately pin point where the monsters are. It seems to be improved over Clea, but still could be better.

One MASSIVE thing I am so happy about is that InvertMouse tided up the backgrounds and there was no eye hurting bricks. Made me so happy. The art style is amazing, I love this Doll style.


Overall, Clea 2 is an improvement over Clea in terms of gameplay and audio. Still lacking a good bit of lore and world building, though. That said, I loved my time with Clea 2, even if it was tough.


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