Developer: Torn Banner Studios
Publisher: Tripwire Interactive
Platforms: PS4, PS5, XBox One, Xbox Serise X/S, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 08/06/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Here we are with a multiplayer experience like none I have played. Normally you have guns keeping the action as far away as possible. However, in Chivalry 2 you will be up close and personal looking your enemy in the eye to only be killed from behind and it is glorious.

Chivalry 2 does a great job in putting you right in the action like a bloody Middle Aged war would have been.

As there is no real story here I won’t waste time here lets get in to the blood stained battle field.


Let get right in to some blood-soaked action well, after we play the tutorial (I recommend this). Chivalry 2 has a few mechanics that you will need to employ that you will not understand about beforehand, Along with the shoulder buttons being attacks, this took some time getting used to. So go just do it. After that you can if you like to try a practice match, this will see you fight against bots. It is a good way to at least put the moves you just learnt in to practice.


Ok now we get to fight. YES!!!! bring on the bloodshed! We have four classes to pick from;
Archer – Ranged class, weak at close combat.Vanguard – DPS class (if you can call it that) fast movement, most stamina, good powerful weapons, low healthKnight – High Health and amour the tank made to take a hit, also can healFootman – The jack of all trades (bar ranged combat) they have good health, stamina and can heal but and not as powerful as other classes in their roles.

Each class has Subclasses that will change how the class will perform; 
Archer – Skirmisher – a hybrid class uses throwing spears or axes and can use a shield
Vanguard – Ambusher – 35% increase damage to the back, low powered normal attacks however.
Knight – Guardian – One handed weapon and tower shield, the true tank
Footman – Field Engineer – Double damage to placed object and has only one weapon.


The one thing I think is great about Chivalry 2 is the amount of real life weapons the developers have crafted and are available to unlock. There is a lot, 31 melee weapon types alone. These will be locked behind level requirements and subclass choices. So you will need to play to unlock them and really customise your play style. 

This is the same with your looks as you level up you can make your character look more and more unique as you go along.

In to the fray

Once you enter a game in Chivalry 2, you will have objectives such as to wipe out the enemy team or capture points. These objectives seem to play themselves you will be more franticly trying to kill anyone who is running at you. with melee you have three attacks, a swing (that can be charged for more power) a vertical slice and a stab. These will need to be used in conjunction with block/repose. If you just block you will waste stamina, so timing a repose and counter attacking is the best course of action. As a repose will stagger an enemy allowing for a follow up attack. This will work in both 1v1 or 1vX take advantage. Or at least try your best, as you will more likely be killed and stabbed in your back before you know it. 

For me the major draw of these battles is how much they would be like real life, as you will be in the throngs of a battle with both allies and enemy, with death just one swing away. Mix in team damage and realisum us deffinalty there. Along with this I improved little by little, lasting longer and longer in each battle before I died. 

The skill floor in Chivalry 2 caters for every level, from starters to experts, there are so many little mechanics in the game that you can use to your advantage. One move I am enjoying now is to throw my main weapon at an enemy, pick it out of the enemy, then throw it again and again and again. There are loads of different things that can be done I could make this review in to a how to play but I won’t.

Overall Chivalry 2 is one of the best multiplayer games I have played in ages. Yes, it is hard to master but with time and patience you will dismember everyone in no time., and throwing severed heads around the battle-field like so deranged murderers madman, or at least surviving much longer than you ever did to start with.

I have to say go out and get this, it’s fantastic and worth a good time sink.


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