Developer: Decemberborn Interactive
PublisherElden Pixels
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 28/01/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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When I saw Cathedral coming out, I was thinking here we go another want to be Shovel Knight. With the 8-bit grapics and knight. So I sort of sat on it for a while, but with the MetriodVania genera being one of my favourites I had to give it a shot. Was it worth it?

Like I expected, the story is not fully apparent until you explore. You wake up as a nameless Knight with no memories, and you set off to well find out what’s happened to you and what’s happening in the world. As you progress, it feeds the story to you little by little.


Cathedral has a massive draw to it, that being its world. The map is huge (600 Rooms) and with all good MetriodVania’s back tracking will be essential. The size of the map can be overwhelming and it may put some players off. Do not worry, the developers have put plenty of fast travel points to help navigate the world.

As you traverse the world of Cathedral, you will enter a variety of areas from the Cathedral it’s self to grave yards and forests. With a variety of precision jumps, both with platforms and enemies. Lucky or us our armour clad Knight didn’t miss leg day, this boy can jump, and move in the air making the platforms somewhat simpler to land. The developers have done a spot on job of making the controls tight and responsive..

Cathedral is not shy on overwhelming the player with enemies. The hero will need his wits about him as the enemy can attack from anywhere. This will have the player thinking on their feet. Making use od the tight controls to jump do a 180 attack or block. Good thing there are plenty of power ups and items to find and buy along the way to help the Knight overcome these hellish onslaughts.

Graphically Cathedral embraces the 8bit art style down to a tee, with the limited pallets for each location and the nostalgic feel to the world and gameplay. The same goes for the audio it is just perfect. The only real problem I encountered with getting lost with a map so large it is easy to lose track of where you are. The Map even shows you the transition areas in each room, but I still got lost.


Overall Cathedral is a masterclass of 8bit MetrodVania’s and can proudly stand alongside Shovel Knight and say “this is how you do it.” You will do yourself a miss service if you do not at least try Cathedral.


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