Developer: Roost Games
Publisher: Freedom Games
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 14/04/2022
Price: £18.99/$19.99
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

You leave your busy city life and move to the town of Caterwaul to become the latest Cat Cafe Manager. Your Grandma Nain, the previous owner, left it to you. You are here to make it a successful business and care for the cats.

There is an evil business that is trying to destroy the cat shrine and the town. You must stop this from happening.

cat cafe gameplay

A Cafe For Cats

When you get to your open lot, you are handed a few items to make your first little cafe and of course you need to name it. There is really nothing much to start with, a table, a few chairs and a sink. Then from there on you will need to branch out and buy more items and increase the size of the cafe.

For buying items from the town, you will need one of six currencies that the six customer types will pay you in. These customers are witches, artists, businesspeople, fisherfolk, punks, and vagabonds. If this was a real cafe, it would get confusing quickly. Currencies buy different things from town, for example; if you wanted a new appliance or table for the cafe, you will need artist that pay in gems, or new toy for the cats you need fish, that fisherfolk use.

Busy Day

To gain each type of customer, you need to advertise to them. You can advertise to all six or just one depending on the needs of the cafe. Making for a bit of resource management. One thing that I liked was how simple the controls were. This did, however, make the tutorials rather long winded. 
As the customers visit the cats and get a kitty cuddle, they all have their own needs and wants. Be that more space at a table, or magical items in the cafe, they take the customer is always right to a new level. Not to mention some just want a chat.

The best customers are the locals. There are six of them, one for each customer type. During a shift, you can call one of them to visit. They will have order something, then have a chat. Here you will find out more about them and their lives and build up a friendship meter. Each of their stories was both moving and relatable, that they made me want to get them back in for more.

Do not worry, you can hire help to at times help you out with serving. The AI is not the best here. The servers just stand about when customers walk in and want served. Even with the unreliability, you got to give credit where credit is due, and the servers do not go home, never have breaks and don’t even get paid.

Cat Shrine

If the game couldn’t be that bit weirder, it does. The Cat Shine in Cat Cafe Manager is a place where you will learn new recipes, new building items, increase the chairs and staff and so on. To unlock these boons, all you have to do is serve customers and gain their hearts until you hit the required amounts.

There is nothing at all complicated to Cat Cafe Manager in the slightest.

A Few Problems

Cat Cafe Manager has a few really annoying problems. On the switch when trying to interact with a customer, the game does not pick up that you are next to them. Then you need to waste time trying to find the right spot to stand at.

Moving the furniture is a bit of a drag. Chairs have to be facing a table no matter what. So in order to move a table and chair, you need to firstly put all the chairs back in your inventory. Move the table, then place the chairs back out again.

The Cats have their own problem, at times, they will be hungry for days. Even with enough cat food out to feed an army, they will stay hungry for days. Then puff back to normal. It is very weird.

Cat Cafe Manager, is a very addictive game, that can give hours upon hours of cute cat goodness. With a few bug fixes, then there is no putting it down. This is a very relaxing if not frustrating experience.

Cat Cafe Manager is a buy when the bugs have been fixed. It is still a buy now, just remember the bugs are annoying.


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