Publisher: PQube
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 30/07/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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BUSTAFOLLOWS has been a much awaited otome (is a story-based video game that is targeted towards women) visual novel and it if finally here. Was it worth the wait? 

BUSTAFELLOWS follows the life of Tesua, a journalist who gets wrapped up with five dubious but sexy guys. Like most female characters in Otome games, she has to be set apart from the rest. Tesua can go back in time. There are a few limitations to this power. She can only go back for a few minutes to an hour, and she is in someone else’s body (Quantum leap anyone?). This power is implemented fantastically in the narrative. 

Tesua witness the death of Seto Kiba wanna be Limbo. She uses her powers to jump back and save him. This sets Tesua on the path to meet her five boys and their story paths as they unfold. These guys together take on jobs they feel is worthy of their time. Be that for money, justice, or the time of the day. Their moral compasses are a little off at times.

Limbo – The crooked lawyer and hero to the people.
Shu – World class sniper and a hitman of hitmen.
Helvetica – A plastic surgeon and master of changing his looks.
Mozu – The chief coroner for the police department.
Scarecrow – Genius hacker and self proclaimed Underground Boss.

The story is what it is an upstanding girl (with superpowers) wants a bad boy and she finds it with this bunch. There are a few issues with the morality of Tesua also depending on who you are with at the time her morality will fit theirs. At one time she will hate a behaviour, then she will have no problem with this behaviour from another guy. It struck me as weird.
This is just a minor issue: the over-all story arcs and playthoughs are well written and though out.


As gameplay goes, as you would expect it to with reading and replying to questions asked. Bustafellows does one little sneaky thing that makes sure you are turned on to what is happening. The player will need to be paying attention and observing what is going on as some questions they will ask you will involve what has been said or what was going on on the screen. I liked this little twist made me feel more involved in the story and more like a journalist.

The game is split in too three sections, Side A, Side B and final playthough. Side A is the main story where you will get a feel for everything and get left with more questions than answers. Side B is the romance part, where you pick a man and go for it. Final playthough is where all the questions will be answered in Side A. 

Each section can replayed making for plenty of replay value. Also, it needs to be played though over and over as you will not get the full explanation of what is going on and there will be gaps in the story. This is one thing with Otome games you gotta be committed to playthoughs.

There were a few errors in grammar and spelling throughout the game. Hopefully, this will be patched out in the coming weeks. This is the only one grip I have even if it was annoying seeing things wrong, it’s not game braking.

Overall BUSTAFELLOWS is a great Otome game, so before going in to it, make sure you are ready to play it multiple times to find out what it actually happening. It is one of the best looking VN I have played. I found the story predictability in places and with some weird moral choices from Tesua.

If you want some romance in your life, BUSTAFELLOWS could be the one for you.


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