Burger Time Party

Developer: G-Mode
Publisher: X-SEED
Platforms: Switch
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 08/1/2019
Price: £17.99/$19.99
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[ Introduction ]

An Updated version of the Data East classic Burger Time. You guide Peter Pepper through multiple levels trying to create burgers using multiple ingredients stacked on different floors throughout the level. All while trying to avoid those pesky unwanted items like hot dog wieners and what I think are pickles? It’s pretty hard to tell what they are, but nevertheless, your attempts to build the ultimate burgers will be challenged!

Burger Time Party oh no

[ Gameplay ]

The gameplay in Burger Time Party is simple. You are tasked to build the ultimate burgers for your customers. Each ingredient is on a different floor of this building. You have to physically walk over each ingredient, causing them to drop down to the next floor. After all, ingredients have dropped, your burger is complete. The game starts out pretty easy. At first, you are limited to making just a few burgers and you are challenged by a limited amount of food baddies. As you progress, the amount of burgers needed increase, as well as your foes trying to stop you. You go from the standard hamburger that follows you around, but can easily be juked, to a dill pickle that is a little more sporadic making him/her a little harder to outmanoeuvre. Besides avoiding these villainous foods, you can also physically drop your ingredients onto them, making them become stunned, or you can spray ground pepper at them, giving you ample time to complete your edible creation.

The modes included in this game are Single Player, Local Multiplayer Coop, and a Multiplayer Mode called Battle Burger. In Battle Burger mode, you play as Peter, while your friends, or for me my kids, play as the enemies. The goal is the same as the main game. Stay away and build your burgers. The maps didn’t feel as big or as complex in this mode. But that was the mode we played the most due to the competitive nature. It would have been really nice if that mode was available online.

Burger Time Party single player

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

The game looks pretty good. It’s not a knock when I say that it is a poor mans Cuphead. The graphics feel exactly how you would imagine them looking like when the original game was released back in the 1980s. Bright, vibrant colours, exaggerated eyes and facial features. It would have been really nice if they would have added some extra animations on al of the characters.

Burger Time Party level

[ Sound ]

The sound in Burger Time Party pretty much match perfectly with what you seen on the screen. Simple cartoonish jingles with a bit of thump. It’s repetitive and can get a little stale, yet it still compliments the game.

Burger Time Party lose

[ Conclusion ]

Burger Time Party is fun in quick bursts. In solo mode, I wouldn’t recommend long sessions unless you have absolutely nothing else to play. Battle Burger and Coop can be enjoyed for longer sessions, especially if you have children, or you have some friends over, and you’re feeling silly!
It’s definitely not a title I would recommend at full price but not a bad pickup during an eShop sale.
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