Developer: DANG!
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 08/07/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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BOOMERANG X first caught my attention as it was from Devolver Digital, as well as its art style. Then I got my hands on the game and again I was not disappointed by Devolver. These guys have a knack for finding these little gems.

The game starts with our character is washed up on an island after a storm. Awaking on the beach to find everything had been destroyed, you have no choice but to explore the island. Shortly after venturing in to the island you come across a four-legged boomerang (the legs being deadly blades) and like all good heroes you pick it up. This then leads to your first battle (more later). 

After the battle you will meet the only friendly thing on the island, a centipede like creature that will drip feed information regarding the island and what has happened.

Unfortunately, BOOMERANG X is a very linear game with no exploration or secrets to find. Good thing the gameplay is outstanding.


Now we get to by far the best part of the game this comes as boomerang combat, that would make any Australian drool with envy. It is magical boomerang combat (never thought I would ever say that). 

The first few battles on BOOMERANG X the boomerang its self is basically that you throw it and it returns. After the first fight you unlock the ability to charge the throw, making it go further. After each battle you will unlock a new ability that will have you instantly returning the boomerang to being able to catapult yourself forward to the boomerang and even slowing down time. 
After unlocking a new ability, you have the chance to use it in a tutorial section. Giving some experience with the ability before getting in to a fight. Once catapult ability is unlocked, you will get the true idea of what DANG! wanted you to experience. Using catapult will have you flying around the area and lighting speed, allowing you to get a better angle on enemies, follow teleporting enemies as well as escaping danger. Pressing ZL to throw the boomerang then press ZR again to catapult. Having such a simple input allows you to get to grips with the moves as fast as you catapult. Mix in flux that allows you to slow down time you can move around the area take out enemies in a unique and enjoyable experience.

Each fight is broken down in to waves that will need you to kill a set number of enemies. However, not everything that wants to kill you needs killed. The one you need to kill are highlighted in yellow, making them easily recognisable in the throngs of oncoming things. 

Enemies are a black colour, but their forms are varied. There are simple spiders, like creatures, flying octopus to giant frogs a lot more. The most basic of enemies need to be hit by the boomerang and they are killed. The larger and more dangerous of these black death dealing enemies have bright red weak points that will need to be destroyed to destroy them. This simple addition, but adds more depth and strategy to the fights. This is more evident as the game goes on as you will need to stay up in the air.

Overall BOOMERANG X is a slick, fast paced action game that’s all about style. I loved every second while playing, even though there is no exploration to be had.

I highly recommend this one for anyone who likes fast paced action games.


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