Developer: Radoslaw Felich
Publisher: Ultimate Games
Platforms: Switch, Mobile
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 08/10/2019
Price: $7.99
Reviewed By: ChickenPrem
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[ Introduction ]

I am a big fan of platformers, even the challenging ones. I would consider myself an above-average gamer in the genre. I have beaten Cuphead and The Messenger twice each and IN-VERT to name a few recent titles. So when I saw the description of Blindy, I knew I had to get my hands on it.

Ever desire to play something REALLY challenging and unpredictable like I Want To Be The Guy but take away all of the game’s charm and replace all the great vast level settings with a black background? No? Yeah me either, but unfortunately someone had to play Blindy, so why not me right Ultimate Games?
Sorry, no story to speak of here

Blindy level

[ Gameplay ]

Take control of your character and try to get to the end of each level. It is that simple, but wait, there’s a catch! You cannot see the level layout and spikes/trap are all over the place to drive you craaaazay. If you hit a spike, then you are sent back to the start of the level. That is pretty much the game. You can see the ground below you, and if you creep the character forward very cautiously, you can reveal what is in front of you. So here are your two options just go hog wild and run and jump everywhere to try to get lucky and beat the level or boringly inch your way through the darkness. It all becomes a matter of memorizing each level as you die over and over. There is no real fun to be had, and to me, it was all very trivial.

I suppose the point of the game is to try and be frustrating and hardcore, but that gimmick seemed like a complete copout in this game and fell flat to me. There are several different modes to play, but the gameplay is all the same. The main mode has 60 levels and the others are just things like randomly selected levels or give you a life limit.

Blindy death

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

Well, not much to say here since the majority of the game is just black. The character looks pretty cool if not a little creepily designed. It wears sunglasses so I suppose that is why the player cannot see the levels, but you can see what you are standing on so I am not sure how exactly the title and visuals tie in together exactly. I am probably looking far too much into it though and grasping at straws for poor ol’ Blindy. The graphics that are there are in the 8-bit style so not much to wow anyone with what you do get to see. When you die your blood splatters all over the level and show the level layout for a bit until it disappears after a little while.
The game performs fine, and it darn well better since there is not much to see!

Blindy hard

[ Sound ]

Yet another area that provides nothing impressive. The bare minimum has been done here. Let’s just get this over with already

Blindy body

[ Conclusion ]

Despite the creators claiming this title to be a very challenging and not unfair platformer, I will have to wholeheartedly disagree with their biased opinion. Mindlessly replaying frustrating pitch-black levels over and over is not a recipe for a good game. There is no satisfaction from getting a bit further after each death in this game like some other difficult titles. The gimmick of just not being able to see any of the hazards is completely lame. Trial and error type progression in games can be done well, but it is not easy to do, and this game did not do it well at all.

I am not saying I can create a video game myself, but I imagine there was not much effort needed to make this one since you don’t even get to see the levels. Even though there are four different game modes, they all are essentially the same, and I would not recommend this game to anyone, especially at the price of $7.99. There are plenty of amazing challenging platformers to get on the Switch along with the two I mentioned in the introduction, I will also suggest Celeste or The Crash Bandicoot Trilogy. Let us all turn a blind eye to Blindy.


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