Black Desert….Why Black Desert it’s been out since August 22, 2019. Well, I had the chance to try with the latest update from Peal Abyss, the latest character the Guardian, giving 20 characters to choose from.

The hardest choice is who you want to play, as each class plays differently from each other. As a Warrior can take damage and deal some at close range, the Dark Knight is more of a ranged character that looks like it should be up close damage. There is the tamer who has a companion animal, a ninja, wizards.

black desert online world

The one big draw for me was Black Desert is an Action-MMORPG, so like any other ARPG you are in control of the action. Yes, abilities will be on cool downs, but different button inputs will do different moves. For instance, while playing as the Guardian pressing heavy attack does an over the head smash. (once unlocked) Holding Left or Right with heavy attack will make the Guardian dodge to the left or right and do a heavy swipe attack. This is just a basic attack, but there are combos to pull off.

The main focus of Black Desert is PvE and PvP content, up till end game (level 60) the game focuses mainly on PvE (NPC enemies), whereas end game will be PvP content (player vs player). This is where the most fun and stress will be had, as one mistake could mean death.

On top of the gameplay and class selection, I have to mention how bloody beautiful the game is. It is just stunning, bright vibrant world, well-designed enemies. Amazing visual effects from abilities and enemy attacks. To be Fair maybe the best look MMO on the PS4 to-date. I will have to wait but I cant wait to see how good Black Desert will look on the PS5.

There were one or two minor problems, nothing significant but more annoying personally. Character creation…I would have liked to make a whole person not modify an existing model. The game will feel over bearing and confusing, there is a lot on the screen at once, especially the UI yes we can change it when you hit level 7??? Why level 7?? It is the world chat it is so big and takes up a massive part of the screen. Lastly, I would like to add that at times the controls are not intuitive for me, I normally play MMOs with a mouse and keyboard so it is a personal problem.

black desert online fight

Overall, this is a great game, with LOADS to do, places to explore, abilities to unlock, and upgrade. Along with one hell of a roster of characters, each having their own strengths and weaknesses. Stunning visually and plays really well. If you are looking for a game to get your teeth in to then this is a good option. To top it off it is only a one off payment with no subscription, there are items to buy but they are all none essential or booster items.