Developer: SNK
Platforms: Switch
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 25/05/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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It’s not everyday I get to boot up a game that is far better than it should be. It’s great when it happens. Here is one such case: Biomotor Unitron was released back in 1999 for the NEO Geo Pocket colour and is now on the Switch

You are the pilot of the Biomotor Unitron. You have set off to become the Master of Masters at the annual tournament in the Kingdom of Rhafiace.

The story seems simple enough with a simple premise, but it goes a little deeper than I expected. 

biomotor unitron game

Battle Robot

When it comes to gameplay, Biomotor Unitron is on the surface, very simple. The Kingdom of Rhafiace is sounded by four different dungeon biomes that are home to different monsters to fight. Each time you enter a dungeon, the layout will change. 

We fight battles in a 1 vs 1 JRPG style. Where you pick an action to perform from attack, item, charge and flee. Attacks will differ depending on the weapons that are equipped. While in a dungeon, battles are random and there are plenty of them. Luckily, most normal encounters are fairly easy to win and are over quickly. 

When you are feeling strong enough, you can try out an area battle where you can attempt to move up a rank to get one step. Closer to the Master of Masters. 


Like the story, Biomotor Unitron’s gameplay is far deeper than it is on the surface. The battles are the primary way to get money materials, along with the ample chests that are about. But it’s what you do with the spoils that add a ton of depth to this one. 

With you on your journey, is a mechanic. They will be your best friend on your journey. As they can upgrade weapons and create new ones. As you make more weapons, the mechanic will level up, allowing for stronger one to be made. With over 100 weapons, there is plenty to create and many weapon combos to set up. 

Besides weapons, you will be able to swap out cores and legs. Each different part will change the stats of Unitron and its functionality. Even in battle, the Biomotor will have changed its look depending on the equipment. 

Overall Biomotor Unitron is a great wee RPG, with loads of customisation on offer. And a story that is faintly good. Even after 23 years, the game is fantastic. 

I would say if you like mechs and old school RPG fun, it’s a must have.


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