Biolab Wars

Developer: Kolibri Game Studio
Publisher: Forever Entertainment
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 14/11/2019
Price: £1.79/$1.99
Reviewed By: ChickenPrem
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[ Introduction ]

It is time to get your flex on, 80’s action hero style! Biolab Wars takes inspiration from movies such as Commando and Rambo but also video games like Contra from the same era. It is time be a total badass, blow sh!t up, and what the hell, save the world too!

Aliens have been experimenting on Earth, so it is time to call in the heavy artillery so save the planet. Finn, Becca and Teddy are the best mercenaries and the only hope for humanity. Finn is a former Marine and bodybuilder AKA the stereotypical 80’s hero. Becca is the toughest and deadliest female on the planet, she reminds me of Sonya Blade. For Teddy, it is personal because he is an armored robotic dog that was the result of an experiment by the aliens and separated from his owners. We all know once those damn aliens start messing without pups they have crossed the line!

biolab wars chicken

[ Gameplay ]

Biolab Wars offers a simplistic classic 2D side-scrolling shooter much like Contra. You can play as any of the three heroes, and there are four different gun weapons that can be changed as they appear like other shooters. Along with the action there is platforming to enjoy in the levels. 

The game features seven levels, and each level is broken up into three stages. At the end of every level, there are big boss fights that are very entertaining. I will be honest and say that there is nothing really trailblazing about this title. If you enjoy previous games of this genre, then you will enjoy this one though. I did think the characters felt a little stiff, but I really enjoyed the gameplay overall.

biolab wars car chase

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

8-bit graphics are used to present the game. It is a true call back to the NES classics visually. Despite the appearance being simplistic, the use of contrasting colours in the fore/backgrounds makes the environments fantastic looking. It is almost on par with The Messenger in my opinion in regards to recent Switch releases. The aliens, monsters and large bosses are designed well.

No performance issues to report.

biolab wars boss

[ Sound ]

The audio perfectly matches the looks here. The soundtrack is exactly what it should be given the homage Biolab Wars provides. It is upbeat and puts you in the mood to blast everything away.

biolab wars becca

[ Conclusion ]

My bottom line is this, yeah it is a simple 8-bit NES type game that is not perfect or very innovative, BUT did you notice the full sale price? Biolab Wars is only $1.99 at full price! I saw this title was even on sale for 99 cents around the release too. The value is out of this world, in my opinion. The gameplay is solid along with the sights and sounds. It pays a great tribute to classic action games and movies; many of us grew up on. You can probably get this game entirely with your gold coins you have saved up on your Eshop and forgot about. I highly recommend adding this little gem to your Switch collection it will not take long to beat but just very enjoyable and affordable.


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