Developer: Balancing Monkey Games
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 05/04/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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In Before We Leave humankind has almost been wiped out, with only a few remaining that managed to hide in the underground vault and survive the catastrophe. Time has passed and the world has recovered. It is now time to emerge once again and reclaim what was once a vast kingdom and now we aim for the stars. 

There really is not much to the story or even the background of what almost wiped out humans. It does not make a difference. I would have enjoyed finding out what happened in the past.

before we leave gameplay

Relax And Take Your Time

The first thing I want to say about Before We Leave is that it is a very relaxing experience that does not push the player. 

Before We Leave is a city building game. It is very easy to pick up and understand while giving just enough to keep you playing in the beginning. There is not much to it. Place a road here, a house next to it and well there and so on. The only aspect that will have you thinking about is resource management.

Resource management is slightly more involved, as resources are limited on each island, there is the need to set up shipping routes. These need to be established and resources shared. I say more involved, as it is the only aspect where some management is needed. 

As you progress, you will build factories, these factories produce pollution. If the Peeps live in the pollution zones, they will get sad. The Peeps also get sad if there are not enough decorations. The only real downside to sad Peeps is they work slower. 

Before We Leave will allow the Peeps to eventually travel to the stars. In order to get to the next planet and do it all again.

One Little Niggle

Before We Leave is a great wee city builder, but it has one downside and it is not even bad. It’s just the simplicity of the gameplay loop drags down the experience after a few hours. 

Overall, Before We Leave is a nice relaxing experience, that is a little too shallow to be something amazing. It’s a great pick up and play game for a few hours.

I would say Before We Leave is good time waster while you take a break from something else.  


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