Developer: GUST
Publisher: Koei Tecmo
Platforms: PS4, Switch, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 25/02/2022
Price: £49.99 /$59.99
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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The Atelier games have been around for 25 years now. Hard to believe they have only really gained popularity in the past few years. More so with Ryza than with any other entry. Now we revisit a fan favourite with Sophie 2, for Ateliers’ 25th Anniversary.

The story of Sophie 2 follows the protagonist Sophie Neuenmuller and her best friend Plachta almost independently after their previous adventures. They get sucked into a wormhole that transports ‘them’ to the world of Erde Wiege. Sophie wakes up and Plachta is nowhere to be found.

Finding some new friends that want to help her find Plachta and get them back to Kirchen Bell. They introduced Sophie to a new alchemist called Platcha, but not her Platcha? Could this be a cue for Sophie’s Platcha to find her real body?

The story in Sophie 2 is a roller-coaster of feeling for both new and returning fans. And yet another splendid story. Koei has done a great job of making this installment to be enjoyable for anyone who has or has not played the first game. There is a handy recap on the main menu if you need it.

Atelier Sophie 2 The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream game

Their Back

The Atelier series has had several changes and some more experimental titles like Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists. However, by far the most successful of these were the Ryza games. Almost all Atelier games had the player completing tasks in several days, with gathering items would move time forward. Making time management a major focus.

With Ryza the time management was as good as scrapped in favour of exploring and gathering, while adding more Alchemic recipes. Making Ryza by far the most accessible entry. Thus, the most successful with veterans and new fans. So why not use this new formula with more games. And Sophie 2 carries on this trend.

Even with the Ryza formula, there was still a bit of room to change to make it feel more individual. Is the weather effects, as Sophie gets a device that allows her to change the weather. For instance, if there is a body water Sophie can change the weather to sunny, and the water goes away. These areas work as the puzzle elements.


The battle system has been refined and moved back to the typical JRPG formula of turn based attacks.

They split your party into front and back lines. The front lines will be doing the monster ass kicking. But the back row is not just there for show. In Fact they are vital to some fights, as the back row can increase both defence and attack.

When an enemy is attacking, you get the chance to swap out the back row and they will lower the damage as they are defending. The back line can also attack with a twin attack. This allows both the front line and back line both attack one after another. Adding up for some big damage.

Alchemic recipes

Alchemy in Sophie 2 is mostly the same as the first game, this I really appreciated as it was one of my favourites. And it is very simple to master.
The puzzle element here is trying to fit all the materials into a grid and try not to overlap them or risk losing an item boost. Each material covers a different number of squares in unique patterns.

Also, the Platcha from Erdin Wind gets her own Alchemy chart where she can develop her own skills. She and Sophie are both able to make some items the other cannot, so developing Patcha is worth the effort.

Overall, I have to say after Sophie 2 I am very excited about the future of the Atelier series. It is progressing in a good direction. With a great story and battle system, there is not much to dislike.

Sophie 2 is a must buy for fans, and like Ryza, is it another brilliant starting point for anyone who is unfamiliar with the series.


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