Developer: GUST
Publisher: Koei Tecmo
Platforms: PS4, Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 22/04/2021
Price: Trilogy – £73.99/$89.99
Sophie – £32.99/£39.99
Firis – £32.99/$39.99
Lydie & Suelle – £32.99/$39.99
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Koei Tecmo are with the latest DX upgrade for their long running Atelier games Atelier Mysterious Trilogy. This has all three games from the Mysterious games and digital art books for all the games.

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DX

This game follows Sophie Neuenmuller, in the small town of Kirchen Bell. At the dawning of the Alchemist era, before it was a well-known profession. Sophie has a knack for combining items to make something new, but without a mentor she has not progressed. One day Sophie stumbles over a book that can move and talk of its own accord. Sophie decided to recover the book’s memories and restore the book to its human form.

Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey DX

This instalment follows Firis Mistlud (four years after Sophie’s adventure), who lives in a small secluded mining town, that only a handful of people may set out of the town. Firis’ only dream is to explore the world, like her sister who is a hunter. One day Sophie and Plachta visit the town by blowing up the big stone door and replacing it as if by magic, Firis witnesses this and soon becomes friends with the two. Sophie agrees to teach Firis alchemy, so she can leave the town and explore the world. As long as she passes the alchemist certification exam in one year, if not, she will have to stay home forever. Join Firis as she becomes a fully fledged Achamist.

Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings DX

Set in Merivlle, the capital of Adalet Kingdom, four years after the events in Firis and follows a small Atelier that has very little customers. And follows the adventures of twin sisters Lydie and Suelle, who dream of running the biggest Atelier in the kingdom, even though they have very little experience as Alchemist. One day the twins hear a voice in the basement, where they have been told never to enter. However, the girls ignore this warning and go down to investigate, here they find a strange painting on the wall. The twins are then transported inside the painitng and use it as a means to find new ingredents for their alchemy. What ele will they find?


In terms of gameplay, all three games in the Mysterious Trilogy do the same thing, story development, move about collect missions, more development, go out and collect materials, fight monsters, come back to the Atelier and make new items fulfill quests and more story development. These games are known for cutscenes and character development, and it is one reason I love them, as you get invested in characters and their stories.

The first difference in the games is the battle system. For most of the game these systems are the same standard JRPG turn based battles, with combo attacks, abilities and alchemy items being used. All the things we have grown to love in the games! However, there are a few minor differences in the battle systems.

Sophie’s battle system

The main difference is that Sophie and the team can adopt a defence or offence stance that makes a small difference to attack and defence. It works but does nothing outstanding.

Firis’ battle system

Here we have just a basic standard battle system with not much going on outside the norm.

Lydie and Suelle’s battle system

In this game we have six party members that battle with two supporting the main party who are battling. This system was for me the best and gave some extra depth to the games.

In all honesty we are not coming to the Atelier games for in-depth battles we are here for the gather and crafting of items. (Don’t lie now, you know you are here for this). In all games, the gathering is identical, picking up items, hitting objects in the world to get items. That you craft in to new items for battle or for gathering. For instance, make a bug catching net will allow you to collect butterfly’s, this inturn opens up more recipes.

When it comes to combining the items to make the gathered materials to make an item, the game has a small mini game where you have a 5×5 blocked grid. Each material being added to the item will take up different amounts of blocks in the grid, and the alchemists must place them in the grid to boost the power/rating of the created item. With each item having a different property highlighted by the colour on the grid, the more adjoining colours the better the boost at the end. This is why we are all here! The puzzle game that needs to be done each time an item is made.

From a graphical point of view both Sophie and Lydie and Suelle are beautiful in their own rights with a more stereotypical smaller area to roam when gathering. But Firis is a vast open world style area that I am sure is bigger than Ryze’d levels. That just takes your breath away more so after playing Sophie.

With these being the DX editions it means you get the full experience for each game, most the DlC, extra characters and levels etc.


For me the more people who get to experience the Atelier games the better. These trilogies are by far the best way to experience them. With Atelier Mysterious Trilogy Deluxe Pack, this holds true. These games are both wonderful and beautiful and around 40-50 hours each plus they all interlink with each other.

I cannot recommend these enough to anyone. However, if this is your first fry in to the Atelier games play Ryza first as that is by far the best of them all then definitely come back to this, the dusk and Arland trilogies.


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