Developer: Wondernaut Studio
PublisherUntold Tales
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 17/12/2021
Price$11.69 £8.76/$12.99
On sale until the 16/01/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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In Aspire: Ina’s Tale, you play as Ina a sleeping girl who is dreaming. Ina is waken up suddenly with amnesia (that old chestnut). She does not know how she got there or why she was sleeping. So she decided to explore this strange place she has woken up in and hopefully escape.

The story is told in two ways, through some real thought provoking dialog between Ina and the other stunning characters. Also, the world plays a massive part in the storytelling, and it is handled amazingly well.

Aspire Inas Tale feature gameplay


Aspire: Ina’s Tale is a 2D puzzle platformer. That needs precision to clear most of them. IT is here where Ina falters, as the puzzles are simple enough and easy to solve with her abilities. The problem is the delay in button presses making most of the jumps a test of patience rather than fun. It really made this stunning game more of a chore than fun.

Besides the input lag, the only other complaint is the font is really small, making reading harder than it should be. It is readable, but at times it was a strain.

Oh, What A World

Aspire: Ina’s Tale is beautiful. From the eye popping and dynamic colour pallets down to the slightly cartoonish presentation. The backgrounds of each room tell their own story, that all some together to make the story in Aspire: Ina’s Tale, more impactful.

Overall, Aspire: Ina’s Tale is in a weird place. The story and the world are great. But the input lag making the puzzles more or a drag than enjoyable. The game has a great foundation and could have been amazing if the controls were tighter.

I would wait on this one to see if the devs tweak the controls more. As the game could be so much better than it was.


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