Developer: Unexpected Studio
PublisherGoblinz Studio
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 28/04/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

As Far As The Eye is a rougelike turn-based base building game. Where you have to guide a band of travelers towards the ‘The Eye.’ Before the water comes up and swallows them whole.

With all rougelikes it the game play that matters not the story. But is it any good?

As Far As The Eye game

You Are The Wind

You play as the wind in As Far As The Eye, that guides its students to  ‘The Eye.’ The game takes place on a hexagonal grid, with parts of the map out of view. As the wind, you guide your students by blowing their floating balloons around the map. It works well.

For the turn-based actions, each day your students will move as far as they can, then rest at night, then carry on until they move to the new location or finish collecting materials. Whereas each day the water comes one step closer to the camp. 

There are also some natural disasters that need to be confronted. These are random events that will, for the most part, make you worse off than before. Meaning that you will not have enough materials to continue the journey. It does not feel good knowing you lost this run because of RNG.

I Feel Like I Am Drowning

As Far As The Eye’s tutorial is enough to make you want to give up from the offset. Way too long and too much to read. I felt there was plenty that could have been missed out. 

There are also plenty of instances of the game freezing and nothing happening when I was trying to get the students to interact with the world. It got really annoying after a while.

Overall, As Far As The Eye is a component enough base building game, with a nice fun element of being a turn-based roguelike. If the rougelike element could actually be a little fair and the RNGods were not actually Beelzebub himself.

With a few patches to fix up the edges, As Far As The Eye could be a good game.


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