Developer: Sprite
Publisher: PQube
Platforms: PS4, Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 21/08/2020
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

Aokana tells the story of Masaya Hinata and his ups and downs with the sport known as the Flying Circus (FC). Once an FC player himself, he vowed never to play again after a traumatic event. Fate however had other plans after a chance encounter with Aseuka the new girl. He ends up coaching the Kunahama Academy Flying Circus team.

FC is a game where two players fly though the sky and try to get the most points by reaching the floating buoys first. As well as get extra point by touching their opponents on their back. This sport is only viable by the discovery of Anti-gravatrons. This discovery lead to the creation of Grav Boots, allowing their wearers to fly through the sky.


Aokana is a visual novel through and through. Everything is simple and I really enjoyed this. Some Visual Novels you spend a lot of time searching across the screen at different points and having pointless interactions. .Aokana is just enjoy the story.

The visual in Aokana are stunning here, so much detail and care given to each screen. You can see the care given to this visual novel. Along with a fair bit of fan service. Mix in the usual anime tropes and you are on to a winner for looks. Like in most visual novels, the entire story is voice acted and again is a great high quality.


If you are looking for a good story and plenty of love given to the project, at a reasonable price for a visual novel then here is one for you. Lovely visuals, great story and a sport I want to play. Aokana is a must have!