Developer: stellarNull
Publisher: Freedom Games
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 21/04/2022
Price: £10.79/$14.99
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

After the fall of Anuchard a place of wonder, peace and food a plenty, you are in Anuchard sole remaining town Orchard. On a day like any other you enter the Dungeon. A mysterious place where no one returns from, you are chosen by your ancestors to become The Bellwielder. It is now up to you to return Anuchard to its former glory. 

To do this, you are chosen to wield the Audros Bell will face the dangers of the dungeons, rescue the people who are stuck and awaken the five guardian spirits that gave Anuchard its former power and wonder. 

The story is told through interactions with the Bellwielder and the inhabitant of Orchard. As well as the spirits of the Audros Bell, these are by far the best interactions. They push the story forward, but they are, at times, rather comical. 

Anuchard gameplay


As you are the only person in Orchard that can return from the Dungeon, it will be up to you to venture in and risk the dangers to save everyone. 
The gameplay is great. It instantly hooked me between the fun yet simple gameplay and the art style. The gameplay is mainly just move and light attack. While on a 2.5D fixed camera world. Everything is just pick up and play easy. There is plenty of direction to where and what you are to do. 

Heavy Attack 

There is also a heavy attack; this is the Bellwielder’s most vital move. As it has the most important uses, it is used to attack, knock back enemies, destroy shields, dodge and solve puzzles. 

For fights, some monsters you will encounter will have a shield around them and a number that denotes how many heavy attacks are needed. But be careful, some shields will do damage when broken. This is where push back becomes vital. The shield damage happens when the enemy hits something, so keeping them away is vital. 

For puzzle solving, the heavy attack is used to direct a ball of light to hit a switch. The balls can bounce off walls to be positioned. The balls need to be regularly hit in order to keep it moving. After three wall hits, the ball will reset. These puzzles are simple to figure out. Just need to make sure you’re in the right place to hit it again. 

Overall, Anuchard is a simple pick up and play game that does what it does fantastically. It does not look to change action games, however; it is really enjoyable and it will have you hooked. 

Anuchard is just a really enjoyable game to play and spend some hours with.  


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